New and unique compositions were supported by the County Kildare programme including The Michael Malin Suite composed and arranged by Niall Ó Callanáin, Maynooth; A Rebels’ Heart – Centenary Celebration Concert was performed on 10 April 2016 featuring original music by Elaine Nolan, with an orchestra and choir. A one day event organised by the South Kildare Photography Club and the Patrician Primary School, Newbridge on 8 June 2016 entitled ‘Fun and Games. A hundred years ago,’ took place at the school and the nearby playing fields. Games included tug-of-war, conkers, wheelbarrow race, egg and spoon race, skittles, hopscotch and push penny. The aim of the 1916 Sackville Street Art Project was to hold an exhibition of houses in 3D form, commemorating the lives of the civilians that were killed during the 1916 Rising. Artists and members of the public created houses representing each civilian. The Sackville Street Art Project was selected to be part of the RTE Reflecting The Rising events on O’Connell Street, Dublin on Easter Monday 2016. Kildare County Council won the Sustaining the Arts category for the 1916 Sackville Street Art Project at the Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards 2016. The project was also nominated in the Best Exhibition cate- gory at the Event Industry Awards 2016. 27