KELT Funds Training and Employment

Leader II recognises that training and technical assistance are of vital importance to people and communities undertaking innovative projects. KELT will help communities raise awareness in their areas about how important it is to look locally for tourism or enterprise ideas that will sustain their economy. KELT can assist communities in a number of ways and help groups to identify projects that will succeed.

KELT will target, in particular, the training needs of applicants who have submitted projects. Where possible existing training courses and funding should be availed of, but KELT can assist in providing specially commissioned training to meet new and special needs.

Up to 100 per cent of training costs can be provided for a community group or project promoters undertaking an initiative. This funding will include tuition and materials, but will not pay individuals for attendance at training courses.

Employment grants may be offered under Leader to local job creating projects. This would be as an alternative to, but not in addition to, capital grant aid. Employment grants may not exceed 100 a week and this is subject to a maximum of 5,000 per person employed in a newly created job. 50% of this is paid when a person is taken on and the remaining grant paid after six months.

This funding is subject to evidence of income tax and PRSI deductions. The grant is payable on the job created and not the employee. In addition the job concerned must not be supported by other agencies.

Technical support funded by KELT is provided in a number of ways. This can include technical advice or feasibility studies, and this may be available to people taking over a farm or an existing small firm. It can assist craft enterprises to develop potential markets and to further innovative projects. Guidance, advice and support can be provided for young people who wish to go into business. KELT can help Kildare projects to undertake important surveys and market research to identify opportunities for innovative development.

Employment grants, up to a maximum of 5,000 per person employed in a newly created job, can be provided. Feasibility studies or market research projects can be funded, subject to a limit of 5,000 for each study undertaken.


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