KELT protects Kildare’s Heritage and Environment.

KELT is proud to be part of Kildare and involved in the rich heritage of the county’s past and development of its future. KELT has an important role to play in protecting Kildare’s rural environment and developing small towns and villages. Communities and individuals throughout Kildare will have an opportunity to renovate and develop their own environment with the help of KELT.

Our heritage and our past is an important part of modern Kildare. That heritage is respected by the care and attention we pay to our environment. KELT can help communities fund projects that will renovate and enhance their local environment. Money can be provided to renovate, protect and develop small towns and villages.

Kildare’s existing architectural heritage can benefit from projects initiated under KELT. Improved access to heritage sites, promotion of attractions and creating greater awareness of Kildare’s proud past are just some of the ways in which KELT can help. Communities and individuals will be encouraged under KELT to make their environment a better place to live, and one where a more sustainable economy can develop.

Cultural creativity is another area where KELT can assist, and in particular it can fund initiatives which promote cultural products linked with rural development.

Improving the environment is important for everyone, and KELT will encourage Kildare people to protect and improve the natural beauty surrounding their communities. This can include projects to protect flora, fauna, small streams or even landscapes. KELT will also encourage recycling initiatives and in particular the use of alternative sources of energy. Improved awareness of our environment and heritage is part of the KELT brief.

Renovation and development of villages and the existing architectural heritage is funded at up to 50%.

Support for cultural creativity, and the promotion of cultural products linked with rural development, is also funded up to a maximum of 50%.

Up to 50% funding is also given to projects which protect and develop natural resources and landscapes. Products dealing with the disposal and recycling of waste receive funding up to 50%.

A maximum grant of 50,000 will apply to all projects.



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