KELT supports Small Firms, Craft Enterprises And local Services.

KELT can assist the development of small firms, local services or craft enterprises. This can range from helping to start services in your area to helping with training or advice.

A large range of projects can be assisted. These range from helping craft enterprises and small firms to take advantage of local natural resources, to benefiting from advice and training. KELT can help ensure enterprises and service sectors benefit from vocational and technology training as well as from market research studies.

Financial aid can also be provided for innovative investment in craft enterprises and small firms. In particular this could help projects to take advantage of local natural resources.

The Kildare Leader II company can help small firms, service providers and craft enterprises if a market or need exists. The project promoter must show the idea will become economically viable and can create new direct employment.

This employment may be seasonal and can be full or part-time. As a minimum the project should contribute directly to maintaining employment in existing small enterprises.

The promoter must show adequate overall finance to fund the project. The promoter must also have sufficient management and technical capacity to carry through the proposals.

In the service area KELT will assist projects which provide support for local conventional retail or other distributive services if these are innovative.

KELT cannot fund projects that would mean jobs will be lost in another sector or in a similar venture.

KELT can provide financial assistance up to 50% for projects under the small firms/crafts/local services sector.

Technical Support funding can include Feasibility Studies/Market Research and is funded up to a limit of 5,000 for each study undertaken. Small firms/Crafts/Local Services can receive funding up to 50%. 

A maximum grant of 50,000 will apply to all projects. 

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