A unique rural opportunity for Kildare and its people...

KELT is the leader II company which is bringing a unique rural development opportunity to County Kildare. It has been granted 2.83 million in EU funding to foster and develop a wide range of interests in the country. This is money for Kildare people that will be allocated through a Kildare based company. In total, with added local funding , this will mean a major cash injection of nearly 5 million into the County Kildare economy up to the year 2000. KELT exists to foster projects under Leader II and it is on your doorstep and ready to help. Our mission is to provide leadership and resources for everyone in County Kildare to achieve their full potential. 

What Is Leader?

The Leader programme was established by the European Commission in response to the changing nature of agriculture in Europe. It is based on the recognition that the Common Agricultural Policy, as it operated up to the mid-1980s, could not continue. Agriculture prices would have to become more reliant on the marketplace and the EU determined that new rural development policies were necessary to preserve the vitality and structure of rural communities. This Leader initiative for rural development was first launched in 1991.

KELT has received 2,836 million in EU funding under Leader II.

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KELT - The Woods, Clane, Co. Kildare. TEL: +353 45 861973. FAX: +353 45 861975