What is the Current Situation in Kildare County Council?

Kildare County Council has requested nominations for the SPCs from the community voluntary sector.

These nominations should be in before August 28th.

There will be five committees:
  1. Economic Development
    This committee will deal with Tourism, Industrial Development, Job Creation, Commercial Development Large Scale Industrial and Commercial Land Use Policy.
  2. Transportation
    This Committee will deal with Public Transport, Traffic Management, Roads
  3. Environment and Services
    This Committee will deal with Water, Sewage, Waste Management, Litter Management, Air Quality, Pollution Control, Public Awareness of Environment Issues, EU policy matters relating to the Environment.
  4. Housing, Social and Community Services
    This Committee will deal with land bank and construction, Social Integration, Travellers Accomodation, Library Services, Estate Management, Housing Policy Linkages.
  5. Local and Rural Development
    This Committee Will Deal With indigenous Industrial Development and Maintenance, Amenity and recreational Development, Co-Ordination with existing Local development agencies, Encourage and promote small local Enterprise, Arts and Culture.


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