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Kildare > Media > 2002 > Demo by Kevin Kelly, Manager, KCN

Press Releases

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21 March, 2002


Thank You Catherine. I will now give a short demonstration of the site, highlighting the new sections that have been developed, and outlining how you can use and interact with the site.

Before I begin, I will briefly outline how I believe the Information Society will evolve over the next year and beyond. It is easy to get your predictions wrong when trying to guess where technology is going next and how it will affect us. So I won't try and do that. I believe that the information society is about people and how technology will adapt to suit us and our needs rather than we changing the way we have done things. How are we introduced to these technologies and where do we fit in? Well, lets start at the beginning.

1. Accessing New Technology, in particular the internet.
There are people here and especially those that are not here, who will be left behind by what is happening. This is because they have not seen the internet and don't know how or why they should use it. Although we currently do not work directly with assisting those that are not online, we do support getting as many people connected in Kildare as we can. We support the right of every individual to have convenient and equal access to the internet at an affordable cost.

2. Understanding New Technologies
It is fine to switch on a PC and get as many people connected. However unless you learn how use the technology in a manner that fits your needs, you may not see its benefits straight away. We have a major challenge to ensure that everyone, young and old, and from every part of society are shown how to use this new technology, taking into account how it can be of benefit to them

3. Gain access to relevant local content online
Once you have access and understand how to use the technology, the next step is to access local information online, and even publish your own. That is what we are focusing on. We wish to increase the amount of relevant local information on our site with your help. And we wish to increase the amount of local individuals, organisations and businesses that are online, we can create a a real inclusive online community.

So now I will give you a short demonstration of how we have started this process of creating and facilitating the amount local content in Kildare.
(Kevin then gave a short demo of the new site)

You can view the site in more detail at home or at work
Feel free to make any suggestions on how the site can be improved or what you would like to see included.

Finally contact us.
Send in information for inclusion on the site.
This is a countywide resource. It will cater for all sections of our community. It will include notices and sites from all parts of the county.
You will benefit from having accurate information on the site.

I wish to thank a few people before I finish
My web team & the staff of Kildare Co Co and all other members of staff of Kildare County Council that assist us in our work. I would like to thank Kildare County Council for its support of our activities over the past few years. I would like to acknowledge all the organisations that have worked with us over the past number of years. I hope it can continue. I would like to thank Catherine & John for their kind words. And I would like to thank you for coming. Hopefully this will be start of a relationship that will benefit you or your organisation or business over the next number of years.

Finally, You may talk to myself or any of my colleagues after this demonstration.
We will be available. Or if not tonight feel free to phone or email us anytime.
There will be refreshments served upstairs. And some music from the Diviners, Kildare's newest band. Hope you enjoy the rest of the evening. Thank You.

20 March, 2002

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