"To give voice to the dreams of youths so they may take root in reality"

Our aim is to reach out to the youth not only Naas but, indeed the entire country. We are a group of people who want to make dreams become reality for the youth of this country.

It is unbelievable the worldwide interest in giving a voice to the young. There are thousands of youth parliament inter-net sites all more or less saying the same thing "the youth should have a role in decision making and a definite role of participation in our society". We want to give the young this opportunity.

There is a real urge or pull for an international youth parliament. Currently there is a European Youth Parliament and an International Youth Parliament - spear headed by OXFAM. Hopefully over time this dream will become a reality. At the present moment the IYP is quite scattered but if we properly establish our own National Youth Parliament then we will be more able to strive for this.

We aim, to please the vast majority of the young people of Ireland and
to be a means by which young people can translate their ideas and views in a manner which they will be heard. Hopefully with the instatement of the NYP Internet site the young will be able to voice their opinions via e-mail or by writing to our suggestion box.


How meetings are conducted

The Parliament meets every Monday in the local town hall. Marlene O'Connor chairs the meeting. The secretary based on the minutes from the last meeting documents the agenda of the meeting. A copy of both the minutes of the last meeting and the current agenda is passed to each member. The meeting normally based on the agenda. Once the agenda has been dealt with members of the parliament are asked to suggest new ideas and report on issues they feel the youth of the town would be most concerned with.

The parliament consists of various representatives from each school listed as follows Back to Top

St. Mary's Convent
Naas Christian Brothers
Community College