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Election to the Youth Parliament is for a period of two years, beginning at the Transition year and carrying on to the year before the students sit their Leaving Certificate. The reason for the two-year period is that members found the first year strange and it takes time for them to operate as a group. They often make life long friends during this time. Their fellow classmates elect representatives from the local schools. Elections operate the same system as in State and Local elections.

The position of Chairperson rotates from school to school and it is up to the Parliament's representatives in the particular school to choose the chairperson. Positions of Secretary and Treasurer go to the other schools and are elected using the same procedure. There are sub committees for drug awareness, discos, litter etc. Members are also involved in the Town Council's sub committees. There are two youth members on the Town Twinning Committee. At important meetings of the town Council, Youth Parliament members are invited to attend.


Meetings are held every week for forty-five minuites during lunch brake. These meetings are strict and complete the business. A det
Back to Topail of meetings is recorded as per the attached.

As recognition of the importance of the Youth Parliament, the Town Council voted to make available the Chamber for their meetings. Members take their places at the same table the Town Council carry out their deliberations.

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Minutes of Meeting
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The Chairperson of the Youth Parliament wears the chain of office in the same way as the Town Council. This is very important as it raises the status of the Parliament.

A bank account is opened in the name of the Parliament. The Treasurer and one other member have the power to write cheques. A detail of the finances is prepared for the meetings.

To date the Parliament has raised their own funds through the running of discos. These are run with the help of outside bouncers in the same way as professional discos. This year the Town Council voted a special grant of 1,000 on foot of a plan presented for the cleaning of the school areas. The money has been spent so far on a weekend to our sister town in Magheraflet in Northern Ireland and a dinner to celebrate the ending of the Parliament.

The Town Clerk takes a special interest in the Parliament and attends meetings and advises members on the proposals for the town and other matters involving youth of the town. A teacher form each schBack to Topool is appointed to keep in contact with the members and their activities. Students are informed as to the activities of the Parliament. This is the link back into the school and is an essential part of the Youth Parliament's work.