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Newbridge Town Council

Newbridge Town Council

Minutes of Annual Meeting, Droichead Nua Town Council


10 Jun 2008


8.30 pm


Riverbank Arts Centre


Cllr P. Kennedy (out going Mayor) Cllr J O’Neill Cllr M Nolan Cllr B Maginn Cllr M Deely (in coming Mayor) Cllr F O’Loughlin Cllr P Black Cllr M Aspell Also in attendance: John Dardis, Progressive Democrats Party

Also Present:

Mr Des Page, Director of Services, Town Manager Ms Anne Greene, Town Clerk


Cllr S. Finn

Minutes for this Meeting:

1 1. To Elect Mayor

2 2. To Elect Deputy Mayor

3 3. Appoint Members to Witness Affixing of Council Seal

4 4. Appoint Delegate(s) to the Association of Municipal Authorities

5 5. Appoint Delegate to Irish Public Bodies Mutual Insurances Ltd

6 6. Appoint Delegate(s) to St Patrick’s Day Committee

7 Appoint Delegate(s) to the Tidy Town Association

8 . To Appoint Delegate(s) to Twinning Committee

9 Schedule of Meetings