National Malting Award for Athy Farm

National Malting Award for Athy Farm

Guinness award for excellence in cultivating the drink's main ingredient

A mother and son from Athy took home the top prize from the Malting Barley Excellence awards that were held in Dublin last Thursday.

Robert and Joyce Chambers, from Barrowhouse in Castlemitchell, were presented with the Guinness Perpetual Cup by the Andrew Doyle, Minister for State Food, Forestry and Horticulture.

The Chambers family have a long tradition in growing barley, an ingredient that is one of the key parts to Guinness, one of Ireland's most well-known brands on a global scale. Robert is part of the third generation of barley growers in the family, and he explained how much hard work and expertise goes into their efforts.

“We have been growing barley on our farm for three generations and we work hard to grow barley that is of a excellent quality to be part of this great brewing tradition.

“Growing premium barley requires attention to detail and we have found that by consistently ensuring the same seeding rates and fertiliser rates as per the Boortmalt and Teagasc programme we have seen great results,” he said.




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