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  • Other Names:

    E, Dove, Disco, ETC Biscuit, Aladdin's, Yokes, etc.

  • What is it?

    ECSTACY is a drug called MDMA, a natural version of which is found in nutmeg and oil of sassafras. It was first discovered in 1912 and patented as an appetite suppressant in 1914 by a German company. It's never been produced on a commercial basis by a drug company, but was used in the 1970's by American psychotherapists, as an aid to therapy before being outlawed in the mid 80's. Ecstacy is a stimulant drug with some of the properties of LSD, but it doesn't cause hallucinations. Because it has only been used widely as a recreational drug since the mid 1980's, little is known about possible long-term effects. Medical research is only now exploring these potential problems.
  • What are its effects?

    The effects of ecstacy depend on the amount taken and the surroundings in which the drug is taken. To start with there may be effects such as sweating, dry mouth, an increase in heart rate and loss of appetite. This may be followed by feelings of serenity and calm, emotional closeness and understanding with people around. There's often an increase in the sensitivity of both touch and hearing. Ecstacy isn't a hallucinogenic drug but some images are sometimes seen when high doses are used. The effects usually peak for about 2 hours, although they persist for several hours in total.

  • Remember you may not be taking MDMA at all

  • Is it addictive?

    Ecstacy isn't physically addictive, but a psychological dependence (when you feel that you cannot do without something) can occur. On stopping it, some people feel depressed and tired, but this eases with time.

  • What are the side effects?

    Most people who take ecstacy on an occasional basis have few problems. With use that is more frequent and an increase in the amount taken, tolerance can develop to the desirable effects, leaving you more vulnerable to the toxic side-effects. These include nausea, dizziness and jaw tension. Symptoms such as anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, confusion and depression have been reported when it's been used over long periods. Because ecstacy increases heart and blood pressure, ecstacy has been linked with deaths either through over-heating or just plain allergic reaction to MDMA.

  • Ecstacy Dangers:

    Although some people regard ecstacy to be a relatively safe drug, between 50 and 60 deaths have been attributed to it so far (November 1995). Most of these deaths have been at clubs or raves where dehydration and over-heating has been a major factor. If a user shows signs of: - failure to sweat; heat cramps on the legs, arms and back; giddiness; headache; fatigue; vomiting; fainting; suddenly feeling exceptionally tired and irritable; being unable to urinate very much although the desire is there, and what comes is highly coloured; then help should be sought immediately. Drink about a pint of water an hour (and sip it) take regular breaks, be with people that will take care of you if something goes wrong.

  • Legal Status:

    Illegal and if you are buying for a friend, you could be done on intent to supply.
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