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  • Other Names:

    Acid, Trips, Strawberries, LSD-25, Microdot, Tabs, Hits or Sugar Cubes.

  • Short term effects:

    Much the same as a trip on mushrooms, except you don't get the sore gut feeling, but this drug is very much based on your social settings and personal history. Past history, experience to psychedelic drugs, attitude, expectations, physical environment, distortion of sight, heightend sensory perception and a feeling of well-being. In plain language, this is very much a drug that depends on how you are feeling and where you are. A bad trip is not just called that for a joke.

  • Long-term effects:

    Flashbacks (re-experiencing previous trips) have been reported with heavy use. There is a risk of temporary, psychological disturbance and severe psychotic disturbances such as loss of emotional control, severe illusions, flash backs, etc.

  • Safer use:

    As with mushrooms, this is a set and setting drug, pick a familiar place to use it. Do not use if you are feeling down or are depressed in any way, because the effect of acid will only bring your feelings of sadness to the fore. It is often said that if you are unsure of the strength of acid you should take only half a blotter. But there's no way of knowing about the distribution of LSD on any one blotter - you may take half and get a full blown trip, but get nothing at all off the other half.

  • Taking it:

    Acid is usually taken on a small square piece of blotting paper that has been soaked in a solution containing LSD and dried out or as a gelatine or liquid solution.

  • L.S.D Dangers:

    There is no reliable evidence of physical damage from repeated use of LSD; the main hazards tend to be psychological (effecting the mind). Serious anxiety or brief 'psychotic reactions' may occur, but can usually be dealt with by friendly reassurance. Prolonged serious disorders are rare and are most likely to occur with people who have already existing mental health problems.
    Users build up a tolerance (needing more and more for the same effect) to LSD relatively quickly. LSD does not cause physical dependence, although some users may have psychological dependence on the drug. However this is extremely rare.
    It is difficult to perform tasks requiring concentration whilst on a 'trip' and driving ability is certainly reduced.

  • Legal Status:

    Illegal and if you are buying for a friend, you could be done on intent to supply.
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