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April 2004 Newsletter


April is here and you can almost feel the Summer months slide in.

Peopleís spirits are high and the sun welcomes smiles and laughter.

Members will be enjoying an evening in the Newbridge Greyhound Racing Track.

Ireland being Ireland there will be a lot of gambling, a lot of drink, and also donít forget a lot of Irish Humour.

Work is still ongoing on the Official Opening of the clubhouse to be held in May.

It is fair to say the clubhouse is a hive of activity this past month, all our new members are finding their feet, and with the help of our senior members, they are a great help to one and all. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work.

In Conclusion, I wish all our readers a very Happy Easter, donít eat too many eggs.

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O dear the melody of the ice cream man
driving around and around our estate
listen to his tune the best you can
and on hot summer days its just great
you can hear its tune from far & near
knowing soon he will be outside your door
there tiny children we hold so dear
will be eating ice cream they so much adore.

On a winters day we sit by the fire
and soon he will be on his way
for an ice cream cone we never tire
but we know we cannot have one every day
its familiar tune we love to hear
brings such joy to our hearts
The music gets louder then he departs
play away forever our minstrel surprise
and we can eat Ice cream at our fill
with a melody and a treat before our eyes
oh, ice cream you are such a thrill

Paddy M


.Now its time to say goodbye to one of our team,
Unfortunately this is just a bad dream,
For after tomorrow he will be flying across the Atlantic,
To be with his sweetheart with whom he is very romantic.

Her name is Mary, he called her Molly,
He will hold unto her for dear life unless he is off his trolley,
One day in HP they met on a treadmill,
The man from down under one rest of Ireland nil.

As part of his swan song we spent a night in the west,
Pretty unadventurous it was with no invited guests,
Except when in Central Park they went and had some shots,
After that he kind of lost the plot.

Belly tubby and him slagged me all the way back,
I did not mind it was mighty crack,
For the lyrics of the song we can thank Today FM.
And the legendary rapper called Eminem



Who gets the most kicks out of his job?
A Footballer.

What did the bull say to the cow?
When I fall in love it will be for heifer

Why did the boy bury his radio?
Because the batteries were dead.

The changing face of IRELAND..

Ireland is no longer an island on its own in the Atlantic. True we are next-door neighbours to Great Britain, but now the world is such a small place we are Neighbours with the entire world. With these changes, people from all over the world have come to live with us. We have people from China, Spain, Japan, Africa, the Baltic States, Russia etc. They are setting up homeís here, their children are going to school here, and their parents are working here. We the Irish people as a Nation have travelled and lived all over the world, everywhere we have gone we have been made very welcome.

Now it is our turn to welcome new people to our country, and we must do so with open arms. Race or Colour, must not be an issue, neither must be Religion. We must learn from our children, one day on my home from the clubhouse I saw young boys playing soccer, the boys were Black and White, yet colour was not at issue what was important was winning the game of soccer. We cannot let our fear of other people and their cultures stop us from embracing the changes in our society. We must remember, we are all Godís Children, we breathe the same air, cry when upset enters our lives, and laugh when we are happy.



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