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June 2004 Newsletter


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Hi everybody

The weather is picking up and we are in the middle of a mini heat wave.

Let’s enjoy it while we have it.

We are now entering the summer and we have organised a number of socials which will allow us to enjoy the good weather we can hope for.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, and keep in touch…

Platinum Clubhouse

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Peter’s tip:

To give your room a nice smell without using an oil burner, just dab a small amount of the oil on to an electric light bulb. Your room will smell pleasantly for an enjoyable evening.

Lydia’s Article

It’s all go, good weather and time for recovery in all things. Carmel was “21” again and we are going to celebrate the “event that didn’t happen”, with renewed energy.

Spring is still in our step as the bluebells are still at their best. The sign for a gardener of an early spring is of course when he or she sits on the first cactus…“When it’s spring I’ll bring again… tulips from Amsterdam.”

I’m just back from Italy, so I still have in mind, not tulips, but oranges and lemons, & the beautiful perfume that is there all year round, because they flower on a year round basis.

I was in the Sorrento/Capri region, and it too was spring there, so- just right for me; not too warm, and with the energy that is unique to early summer. We bear witness to it’s optimisms that are evident at this time of year in most countries that are blessed with this contrast.

Happy spring!


-Each Soul-

Our soul is within our living of life,
That we cannot grasp or see.
I know our life is part of strife,

But our soul will depart.
To a heaven sincere and true,
While now feeling is within each heart.
In which we all forever grew,

Our bodies will detonate at death.
But our souls they carry on,
Our lives are destined from our birth.
That heavenly light shines upon,

Each death never brings any sorrow.
But to a world wholesome and new,
So we pray for a new tomorrow.
With our gods wisdom shining through.

Patrick M

Jokes by Patricia

Q What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?
A: Hailing taxis.

Q Where do snookers players go for a drink?
A: Potters Bar.

Q Why is life like a shower?
A: One wrong turn and you are in hot water.

Q What travels faster heat or cold?
A: Heat-You can catch cold.

Q What’s greasy and makes you feel bad?
A: A chip on the shoulder.

Q When is water not hot water?
A: When its dripping.

Diogenes was looking for an honest man in the Dail. “Any luck?” asked a journalist. “Not too bad,” answered Diogenes. “I still have my lantern”.

Mum: Do you get a choice for your school dinners?
Tom: Yes, take it or leave it.

TD who was being interrupted at election meeting?:
‘We seem to have a lot of fools here today. Wouldn’t it be better to hear one at a time?’
Voice from crowd:
O. K. Get on with your speech!’

Q How do you confuse a T.D.?
A: Give him a piece of paper with P.T.O. written on both sides.

A T.D. excused himself for not having a Bible in his house because he said that there wasn’t a word in the Bible that wasn’t in his dictionary.

Q What’s the cheapest way to Australia?
A: Be born there.

Q What animal has two humps and is found in the South Pole?
A: A camel with no sense of direction.

Work Ordered Life
(the blessings of productivity and creativity)

I wish I was a spider!
Busy with my web
Feeling so constructive
In every step I weave

Like the fisherman at evening
Sorting out my catch
That feeling of accomplishment
That’s simply hard to match!

I could make my day much better
If my own job’s better done
So it is in Clubhouse
A bit of work is fun

At the least it can be better
When with a friendly face
The sugar in the medicine
Each thing has it’s place

Platinum clubhouse Newbridge
Has it’s work ordered day
Just like my spider really
A little work does Pay!!!!!!!!!!!


Sports News

The quest for Sam Maguire begins in earnest this weekend with first round games down for decision in the Leinster Championship. 32 Teams compete but only a handful have a realistic chance of getting their hands on the Trophy. Last years event was not a vintage one by any stretch of the imagination. With the exception of the Laois/Kildare Leinster final clash, the rest of the games left a lot to be desired.

The main reason for this was that too many Northern teams came through the qualifiers and what was inflicted on us, lovers of the beautiful game, was a crude abomination of Gaelic football. Nobody gives a toss who wins the Ulster Championship this Year and I won’t be watching it, for I have a fragile stomach. The shorter their stay in the event the better, for all our sakes. Getting back to who should be leading contenders, I give you three, Laois, Kerry and Galway. The 3 most talented teams in the country, all 3 play the game as it should be played and let’s hope that whoever wins, the game of football shall not be the loser.


Day Trip To The Irish National Stud.

On Saturday last, Platinum Clubhouse went on a social to the Irish National Stud, in Kildare Town. First of all, a tour Guide took us on a tour of the National Stud. Here we were shown the horses, Mares and Stallions. There are eight stallions at present standing in the stud. The highest prized stallion in the stud at present is Indian Ridge. His value could go up next month, if his son Snow Ridge wins the Epsom Derby. We were also shown some foals that were born during the night. Foals are approx 110 pounds weight when born but still look small compared to the mares. 9 days after giving birth a mare can go back into foal again. We also saw two famous racehorses of old, Danoli and Vintage Crop who are retired in the stud.

Spare a thought for the poor Teaser—Tommy, who has the most frustrating job in the stud.

After a lovely Lunch, we went on a tour of the Japanese Gardens, which is full of beautiful trees and flowers. We did not have a tour guide here, nor did we need him, as Tom was a great help pointing out the various tree and flower names to us. Also in the gardens can be seen various wildlife, Ducks, Swans, Guinea Fowl etc. The story of the Japanese Gardens is it follows a person’s life from birth to death and all the various twist and turns, the cards of life can deal us. The Gardens themselves were built by Colonel Hall Walker. In conclusion, may I thank one and all for a lovely day out.


"What is Artificial Intelligence/"

In the first edition of her book “Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man”, Professor Margaret Boden of the University of Sussex describes artificial intelligence as “getting computers to do the kinds of things that would require intelligence if done by a human”. She revised this in the second edition to define artificial intelligence as “getting computers to do the things that the human mind can do”.

Such tasks include speech recognition, vision, problem-solving, decision-making, planning, and so on. The concept of symbol-manipulation is the cornerstone of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is part of cognitive science, which in turn uses the computer as a metaphor of mind. Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary subject, covering areas such as the philosophy of mind, psychology, logic, linguistics, and computer science (as well as artificial intelligence).

AI is divided into weak AI and strong AI. Researchers argue that the computer programmes devised by programmers are only simulations of mind in the case of weak AI, or really are intelligent in the case of strong AI.

A further distinction can be made in those who favour “High Church Computationalism” and the “New Connectionism”. Connectionism is concerned with artificial neural nets, which have brain-like properties. High Church Computationalism refers simply to the older, classical programming techniques.

Finally, Daniel C. Dennett, an American philosopher, believes that the mind is a supercomputer, and the brain an organic supercomputer. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.



A late cancellation

Our official opening was cancelled at the 10th hour so we were a bit deflated after all the planning. Carmel had worked particularly hard to meet budget constraints- shopping around for good quotations, hoping for more funds and generally making a heroic (heroinic!!) effort at getting it all together. Apparently the officiating parties had at the last minute revised the procedure. Well done all, but again -Carmel rallied and decided in order to restore confidence and not let the occasion pass, suggested we celebrate on the proposed ‘day that was to be’ the possibility still for a bright future for all – (after all it is still May and summer is still on ‘the up and up’). We will all go to Athgarvan Inn and I have been told I can bring the harmonica (I haven’t been told if I will be allowed to actually play it or not !—of course!!) I suppose my efforts at making all those gilded cards for the official launch will have to be consigned as archive material – the occasion that didn’t yet reach its goal?


Social Policy

Policy meeting held on Wednesday May 12 2004

Present: Tom, Breda, Peter, Stephen D, Stephen C, Darren, Patrick, Clive, Carmel, Lydia, Pierce, Siobhan & Peter

When members commit to a social by putting their name on the notice, if they have not removed their name by the cut-off point, they must pay for that social whether they attended or not. Exceptional circumstances will be considered individually. Members who do not pay will not be permitted to attend the next social until they pay the outstanding amount.

It was pointed out that a number of members have placed their names on various lists to go on social outings. The group size is then accommodated based on the list. Sometimes meals are booked. Then members just don’t turn up. It is unfair and can lead to extra expense on the Club. This policy was agreed by all present.

Birthday Wishes to:Elizabeth, Martina, Mary, James B., Kieran, Roisin, Linda, Darren, Desmond, Lydia, Siobhan.

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and beliefs expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of Platinum Clubhouse. Any articles, items or pictures in this newsletter may only be reproduced following permission from Platinum Clubhouse.

Contributors:Pierce, Philip, Lydia, Paul, Patricia, Patrick M,

Editorial Team: Tom, Philip

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