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June 2005 Newsletter


Hi All, Imagine its the 6th month of the year half way there all ready We are all looking forward to bright sunny days. The school year & college year is coming to a close. Good luck to all students sitting exams. Derby festival week also takes place the end of June. A festival not to be missed. Everyone going on holidays have a safe trip and enjoy the break.

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Do you hear the Summer?

Listen, do you hear the tinkle of little bells? They are all in a long blue carpet interspersed with the white of wild garlic and the regal heads of giant ferns. They look to the passing blue of the sky, filtered and long shadowed by the trees, only now awakening from their long slumber and begining to dress in youthful fresh green shoots of a new Summer.

When we are feeling blue we are only looking at the wrong colour of blue. We could have “ blue heaven and you and I”, “ blue skies above you smile” the blue of the sky and the sea.

On our recent visit to the bluebell wood in Rathangan we saw that real blue.


Bluebells gently ring

Bluebells gently ring
To bring The summer
Toss their many Handsome heads
Wake gently For summer.

All the fairies And the toadstools
Busy now For Summer
Before the light gets High and strong
When new leaves shade us For summer

Long hazy lazy Days
under The trees
the shade For summer
While the bluebells rest To wake -
Next year The Summer

ENJOY Summer’05 Best

Social Calender

June Socials:
4th June Emo Court
15 th June Out Door Social
24th June Curragh Races

American Visit

We have had our American visitors over. Kevin and Denise are no strangers to Platinum Clubhouse as they were here for the first post site visit in December 2000 . They went through the action plan that Patrick, Breda, and Carmel did at the end of theie training in September 2004. Kevin and Denise were very impressed with the out comes of the action plan .They filled us in on things we should work on for our accreditation visit which will take place in September 2005. They were also here for our mid week social which was held in the White Water Hotel. We hope that this was a worth while trip for them.

The Japanese Gardens

Last Wednesday two female staff and three woman members went to the Japanese Gardens I was the only man which is interesting as the clubhouse is mostly male. We left the clubhouse in the morning and looked around the clothes shop beside the gardens and then went for coffee and cake. We were all in good form as we walked around the Garden and after had a look in the stables at a variety of horses in the stud. We were lucky with the weather as we stood by the lake admiring the swans and went into a number of caves including one with Waterford Crystal in it. After a very enjoyable day we went back to the clubhouse and had dinner. Robert

Farewell Pope John Paul

Upon this earth a heavenly man
Leader of nations with all his love
He done the best he can
To preach the message of God above
He travelled many of a place
All mankind in his prayer
With all of his gentle grace
For all the world he truly cared.

Living a life of Christianity
Our very own pontiff John Paul
From pain and suffering set free
With our true God in his call
A true catholic leader forever be
In his voice spread the word
Set many of a person free
In the eyes of our good Lord

A theologian & politician
With sacred ways one could find
He changed the course of society
And eased the pain a person lived
This mans love of our Lady and our lady
Through whom he prayed for others to her Son, our Lord
So reaping a heavenly reward
Lay deep inside his soul.

Paddy Murray


Summer is here at last a time to enjoy the weather, long bright day, flowers, shrubs, birds are out beautiful country side many people are now planning holidays, and some are planning week ends away + day trips We now have at Platinum our own mini bus and we should also avail of some trips out We don’t need to leave our beautiful county Kildare. We all ready have visited our Japanese gardens a good day was had by all. We have many beautiful old houses and castles in Kildare and we should try and visit some in the near future. All of these houses and castles can be seen by the public 7 days a week.

Here is a list of those venues to be visited.

Leixlip Castle (leixlip)
Castle martin House (Kilcullen)
Castleton House (Celbridge)
Carton House (Maynooth)
Strafing House (Straffin)

Admin unit

Admin unit is very busy all of the time. Members and staff publish the newsletter monthly, the Action plan for out post site American visit was typed up and printed off. Members and staff are now doing up a weekly news sheet and it will be available every Monday. It will be edited by Patricia and Robert.

Handy Tips

To make a quick salad dressing put oil and vinegar and seasoning in a screw top jar [an empty mustard jar is ideal] Shake vigorously for about one minute or until the oil is emulisfied


Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell.
Birthday Wishes: Elizabeth, Martina, Mary, James, Kieran, Roisin, Linda, Darren, Desmond, Lydia, Siobhan.

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Contributors:Breda, Lydia, Robert, Paddy,

Editorial team: Breda, Carmel, Ian, Patricia,

Any articles, items or pictures in this newsletter may only be reproduced following permission from Platinum Clubhouse.

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