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March 2005 Newsletter

It was with a profound sense of loss that we learned of the death recently of one of our members, Ger. We wish to extend our sympathies to his family. May he rest in peace We are getting ready to celebrate the feast day of our National Patron, Saint Patrick, on March 17th. Best wishes to all our readers. Shortly after that we celebrate the Feast of Easter. Easter wishes to everybody also. We are asking all our readers to contact us in relation to our newsletter, and look forward to hearing from you.!

13th International Clubhouse Seminar

The thirteenth International Clubhouse Seminar is less than 5 months away. Everyone at the ICCD and Helsingin Klubitalo (the host Clubhouse in Finland) are busy with preparations. We have received numerous requests for topics from the worldwide Clubhouse community. We are eagerly looking forward to greeting old friends and meeting many new clubhouse colleagues. The ICCD together with Helsinki Clubhouse invite you to participate in the 13th International Clubhouse Seminar. For five days in June 2005, Finlandia Hall in Downtown Helsinki, Finland will be the home of the worldwide Clubhouse community. Members, staff, board members and friends of Clubhouses from around the globe will gather to share best practices, learning's, struggles, and innovative new practices. Every two years our community comes together for this important event. Each gathering pushes us further in our work to help members become involved and respected members of their communities. Every seminar brings us new ideas, and new enthusiasm for creating the strongest clubhouse communities possible.

Excerpt of letter issued by ICCD

My Garden

I reap my fortune of fertile soil
growing vegetables are my pride
a garden full of my care and toil
with Mother Nature at my side.

Soil - a foundation of plant life
growing flowers and fruit so well
each seedling grows with a little strife
my reward only time will tell.

Seed life changing from year to year
making my garden look its best
wintertime gradually comes near
leaving growth barren and to rest.

Springtime comes sprightly free
a youthful time in life to grow
a busy time in the year for me
sowing my seeds from row to row

When my garden is at full prime
I sit down and watch it grow
fortune of nature being all mine
as I helped it all to grow.

My garden is part of me
that is life created by the sun
my enchanting garden forever to be
within you my heart is won.


Handy Tips

When painting around the house, it is an idea to remove as many fittings as possible before starting as it is much easier than painting around them. Protect the edges of doors or window frames with masking tape or a smear of petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

March Scares

March hares-the march of time
Cat’s whisker- on 2RN
Crystal set in the bucket
For radio Athlone

What is the stars
and Mercury?
What is March?
might it just be
–St .Patrick’s day?
or field of dancing daffodils to-day?

This year it would have to be
Two Springs maybe!
Greenhouse effect for us just now
Mine have bloomed so now-
A second planting?

Might it ensure insure
I would feel less insecure
March for me means daffodils
What cold corner still survives
That might rest and sooth
with yellow eyes?

Adapt adapt enjoy-
Go on without interfering
To destroy?
Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide-
exhaust all fumes!
Or Celosia plumosa-
‘pampas plumes’.

Or coughs and wheezes
And super bugs
Let the waste away-
but clean the plugs!!



Easter is one of my favourite times of the year because of all the chocolate eggs you get. White chocolate Milky Way eggs are what my parents get me, as I prefer them to dark chocolate such as Black Magic. It is interesting that some people only like hard sweets and others only eat soft sweets. Out of seven in my family only one eats soft sweets, this means that the Easter bunny is especially generous to him, when all the soft sweets are left over. If you are making up for lost time, on what you missed out on, during lent, on Easter day, I don’t feel sorry for you, as, depriving yourself for that length of time is unhealthy and binge eating makes you sick. If you want to go to church at Easter you can, as there is Mass throughout the day but you won’t find me there, as religion has caused the world a lot of trouble and I personally prefer to pray at home. On Easter day I am going to Prague for three days and then to Bratislava for four days to see my uncles and the magical Easter market that is brilliant in the snow.


My Trip To China

:Continued from last month:

Other interesting areas of the city include the street markets where you can get anything to eat or wear but you must haggle and bargain. Other interesting items are the trolley buses, Hutongs (which are fast disappearing narrow streets packed with working class homes, mostly of one room). There are also courtyard style homes here. For those who care for them, there are many art galleries and writing museums. China would have a long history of writing and calligraphy, claiming to be the first people to have written. Indeed they invented paper and were printing books long before us Europeans.

China is the oldest surviving civilisation in the world, dating from approx 2000 BC, and its people were drilling for and using natural gas as far back as 200 BC. The people of China have every reason to be proud of their country and themselves having been responsible for many beneficial inventions such as money, paper, fireworks etc.

Of course, it would be important for balance to point out that China also invented gunpowder and has not enjoyed the best reputation regarding human and civil rights.

China is a vast country of many different landscapes and faces. In fact, the Chinese people are made up of 57 different nationalities, the predominant being Han Chinese (92% approx). At least as many different dialects are spoken. However, the symbols used in writing –developed from pictograms- are the same throughout the land. So, while two people from opposite ends of the country might not be able to talk to one another, they would be able to communicate to each other in writing. This may be difficult, considering a large portion of the population cannot read or write. This is due to the fact that despite its size and position in the league of world economies there are still large areas of the country which experience severe poverty.

To be continued...

Film Review

Bad Boys 2
This action packed sequel to “Bad Boys” is jam packed with exciting car chases and can have the old armchair rocking. As the story unfolds the two main characters Martin Lawrence & Will Smith play two buddy cops (Marcus Barnett and Mike Lowry) of the Miami narcotics task force. Its not all action as there are a lot of laughs besides all the bullets flying and car crashes. It will have you on the edge of your seat, right to the end. There is everything in this film - laughter, drama, action and detective work. I would rate this film nine out of ten for sheer enjoymentAnother year over and one begun, Hope this year is better than the last. May the new year be of fun With cherished memories of the past. Each child to grow strong and stern Live a life of adventure free Many aspects of life to learn With a while new future to see. Peace and goodwill shine on all Look to the future in a special way While all the years swiftly they fall To look forward in life to a better day One day everyone will live in happiness And impoverishment cease to be A new world our hearts caress Until all mankind soon be free.

The Italian Job
This is the remake of the original classic. It is very different to the old movie. It is fast and more modern and has a lot more high tech drama. The ending is very different to the original. Their plan was flawless but they got double crossed, and are out for revenge. Get in, get out, get even, is what they plan to do. Like the original movie, it has the famous mini chase and is very fast. You would nearly go out and buy a mini. It is a very cleverly put together film. I would rate this seven out of ten, a real popcorn movie, a pleasure to watch.


Platinum participated in Swimming lessons in The Gables in Newbridge. This excellent facility was available complete with instructor for six weeks. We could learn or be taught by Carmel, our instructor , one of four basic strokes which are backstroke, butterfly, breast stroke or freestyle. The challenge was met by 2 staff and 7 members. At the end of the sessions I was just about able to swim one of the widths of the pool as I had difficulty with keeping my knees from bending. I also enjoyed a spell in the sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room.


The National Hunt Season

Winter is here and with it comes National Hunt racing. During the months of December, January, February and March we have the best jump racing that leads up to the big festivals in Cheltenham, Punchestown, Fairyhouse and Aintree. Finding winners is as hard as trying to find a needle in a haystack. In England leading trainers to follow are; Martin Pipe, Miss H. Knight, Philip Hobbs and Paul Nichols. In Ireland leading trainers to follow are: Mrs. J. Harrington, W. P. Mullins, Paul Nolan and Noel Meade. Horses to follow for the season are: Best Mate, Hedge Hunter, Rooster Booster and Mark The Man. Hope you have a bit of luck over the season ahead.



Happy New Year to all members!

Birthday Wishes: Damien, Mary M, Gareth, Thomas S, Barry, Mary F. HAVE A GREAT DAY………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to New Members : Eddie, Stephen.

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