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March 2004 Newsletter


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all our readers all over Ireland and the World. March is here, the long evenings are coming back, thanks be to God, and our thoughts are turning towards doing up our lawns.
During the month of March the clubhouse are going on a Shopping trip to Carlow, plus a night at the Kildare Drama Festival.
Clubhouse members are busy at present getting ready for our official opening day some time in May.


If anyone has any articles or comments they would like to submit please e-mail them to us at:


Kitchen News

Here we are at the end of another term in the kitchen. I wish to thank all those members and staff who have helped me throughout the last two months. And good luck to Eileen and Caroline, who are coming along after me.

One of my favourite dinners is baked gammon with all the brown sugar, cloves and honey, but a popular dinner that we have done this month is honey chicken. Here’s the recipe to serve 4:
3 oz Butter 4 Chicken Fillets


5 fl oz White wine or sherry (Optional) ½ Teaspoon Salt
1 Teaspoon finely chopped fresh ginger 1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon Honey or Golden Syrup 4 Scallions chopped
Place the chicken in a frying pan or roasting pan in which you have melted the butter and coat the meat thoroughly.
Place in a moderate preheated oven (180o C or 350 F, Gas Mark 4) for 45 – 50 minutes. Remember to baste often during this time.
Mix all remaining ingredients together and pour over the chicken. Replace in oven and roast for another 30-40 minutes until cooked through. Continue to baste regularly and serve with the cooking juices and a selection of vegetables. This dish goes equally well with creamed potatoes or with pure fluffy rice.


Michaels Minestrone Soup

This is my way to the recipe and method.
Choose fresh healthy vegetables. For six portions follow this recipe.
1 onion– diced, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 leek, 2 celery sticks, 1 turnip, 1 carrot, 1 potato, a quarter of a head of Dutch cabbage. Break up some spaghetti. Use 4 chopped tomatoes and 2 tbsp of tomato puree. Method…….Sweat off your onion, until transparent with some butter or oil. Then add remainder of vegetables. Make up 2 pints of vegetable stock and add to Saucepan. Bring to the boil and add puree, cook out and serve.



I have spent many happy times in Prague. I go there about twice a year with my family. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, in the past both Slovakia and the Czech republic were called Czechoslovakia. Prague has many interesting places including Charles Bridge, which has a large market on it and leads to a castle on a hill. If you are going out in the evening I recommend an Irish pub called Rocky O’Reilly's, it has live music and a great menu.


Administration Unit

Thanks to all staff and members who were actively involved in the formation of our Service Plan for 2004 and our Annual Review for 2003. Meetings have taken place regarding Platinum Clubhouse’s Official Opening. The Proposed dates are for the month of May this year. A list of possible attendees has been put forward, and a draft of our proposed invitation are in the process of being designed. Anyone who has ideas or suggestions, We would be delighted to receive them and forward them to our official committee. Next month all articles for the Newsletter will be greatly received, So come on please and forward your ideas to us at the Administration Unit.



  • How to get rid of scratches on a CD,
    rub CD with Peanut Butter

  • How to perk up cut flowers
    Add 7up soft drink to the water and within a few hours they will perk up.

Stay tuned every month for our Tips

Poetry Corner

Saint Patrick’s Day.

Paddy’s day is here,
We celebrate with joy,
All of you have no fear,
St Patrick is in our cry,
Our patron Saint of Ireland,
And the blessings you past on,
Three leaf Shamrock in your hand,
Guided our nation to grow.


Jokes Corner

Q: Why is it that every time the doorbell rings the dog goes into the corner?
A: He's a boxer.
Q: What does an arctophile collect?
A: Teddy bears.
Q: What's the cats favourite holiday resort?
A: The canary Islands.
Q: In which game do you try to move backwards all the time?
A: Tug of war.
“Doctor doctor, I feel like a spoon.”
"Sit down and don't stir".



Employment and Education.

Members have started a number of new courses this spring, for example, Art, life skills, Photography, and computer course.

Staff are also doing courses, Beauty Treatment, E. C. D. L. and Massage Course.

We wish members continued success in their employment. The Employment files are being re-arranged and are now more user friendly for everyone to access.

Job Development is ongoing. However there is a down turn in the economy at the moment and new jobs are hard to come by.

The views, opinions and beliefs expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of Platinum Clubhouse. Any articles, items or pictures in this newsletter may only be reproduced following permission from Platinum Clubhouse.

Contributors: Tom, Seamus, Robert, Paddy, Michael, Patricia

Editorial Team: Stephen, Mary, Caroline and Philip.

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