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May 2004 Newsletter


Hi Everyone,

We look forward to our Official Opening on 19th May. Hope to see you all there.

Welcome to May’s Newsletter. We hope better weather is on the way especially as we await this years Wonderful and colourful Parade for the Bealtaine Festival. It will be on the first week in May. Parade on Friday 30th April around 8 pm. Newbridge will be awash with Children dressed up in bright colours and Street Artists will be in attendance to entertain the large crowds expected. We would like to wish our members doing exams in VTOS the very best of luck, and would say to them to take it easy and not to allow themselves to become stressed or pressurised . You are all doing very well. We are here to support you.


Kids going to school Another morning has arrived as the little kids get up from bed just look at the innocent ,hardy child awoken from dreams with a sleepy head immediately get ready for the day with clothes neat a hurried meal their little hearts full of play face another school time ordeal.

To the school they hurry along not knowing the reason for it all in their fantasy World nothing wrong as they all line up at the whistle wall drawing and arithmetic have to learn with curious eyes and a working hand sometimes alone for mum they yearn but school is over all is grand.

Their enchanting faces learning a lot which will benefit in future years a good education these kids have got. May they learn with fun and little fears each child to grow strong and unique with goodness, culture and caring ways for future generations they will speak to lead this world to Better days.



Nine points clear with Nine games to go, Arsenal are on their way to another premiership title. I had a look at what game’s are in store for them and I think they have it in the bag. Bolton home, Man. U home, Liverpool home, Newcastle away, Leeds home, spurs away, Birmingham home Fulham away, Leicester home

Tom S


This was run on the Curragh on March 21st last. It was 1 mile long. It was won by TOLPUDDLE which is trained by Tommy Stack, was ridden by W.N. Lordan, at a price of 9-2. It is owned by P.A. Doyle, who got €55,335. The jockey got 10% of this. The trainer also got 10%.
Second was Eurolink Rooster who was 20-1, ridden by D.M. Grant and owned by T Manley who got €17,000. Third was Doire Chrinn which was trained by D.P. Kelly, ridden by D.J. Moran and was owned by Emmet Quinn, who got €8,500. Fourth was “Bricks and Porter” which was trained by John A Quinn & ridden by P.B. Beggy, at a price of 12-1. The owner is Greensbridge Syndicate who got €3,400.

Patricia D



Doctor doctor! Please can you help me out? Of course-which way did you come in.
Q Where do snowmen go to dance?
A: A snowball.
Q What can you serve but never eat?
A: A tennis ball.
Q What do you call a man with a spade?
A: Doug.
Q What do you call a man who’s lost his spade?
A: Douglas.
Q How do you make a Maltese cross?
A: Tread on his toes.
Q What do you do with a blue banana?
A: Try to cheer it up?
Q Where does Tarzan get his loin-cloths?
A: From a jungle.
Q What do you call a gorilla with a machine-gun?
A: Sir!
Q Where do you put criminal sheep?
A: Behind baas.



There are four Grand Slam tournaments throughout the year .They consist of Wimbledon, which was won by Roger Feeder this year, The Swiss sensation, who went on to win the Australian open as well. The US open Grand slam winner was Andy Roddick who has taken over Pete Sampras and Agassi as the next American number one. will he equal Sampras’s seven grand slam titles we will have to wait and see. The French open was won by Juan Carlos Ferrero who got to the final the previous year only to be beaten by his Spanish compatriot Albert Costa. The ATP goes on throughout the year with valuable ranking points at stake Feeder holds the number one spot. The top ten is what the top players want to get involved in a big accomplishment. The Davis cup is over Ireland lost to Hungary and Great Britain beat Luxemburg in their group.

Robert C


Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell.

Birthday Wishes to: Stephen L, Stephen C, Tony, Frances, Patrick, Pat, Carmel,

Welcome to our new members: Thomas.

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Editorial Team: Breda, Tom, Caroline, Lydia

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