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August 2005 Newsletter


HI! Hope everyone is enjoying our lovely summer weather. The countryside looks beautiful and our flowers and roses are blooming exceptionally well this year. Holidays at Platinum are in full swing at present. Heading the posse is our manager Carmel, who returns from her two week trip to Ibiza next week, no doubt sporting a golden tan to die for. And Ian goes to Prague– no less! There is a great air of anticipation too among some of our members. Patricia goes to Sligo, Lydia to Galway, Michael T. to London, Patrick to Wales, Damien to Tramore and last but certainly not least, two of our most eligible bachelors; Michael and Philip head to Waterford. Waterford mothers, “lock up your daughters!”. Speaking of Tramore and Waterford, we spent a very enjoyable summer outing there this year. Members and staff, eighteen in total, travelled there on the 30th of June.


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Championship Update

A month is a long time in the Football and Hurling Championship. In that time, we have seen Kildare lose to Laois, and then fall out the back door, thanks to Sligo. As the woman in the TV ad says, “Would you like to use the bathroom?”. The same was said by the Sligo woman to the Kildare Footballer, and down the cellar we went. Also down the cellar in the past month went Wicklow, Carlow, and Westmeath. So you may ask who will win Sam this year. I myself narrow it down to four teams, Kerry, last years winners, Armagh, Galway and Dublin. I am going to stick my neck out, and tip Armagh to win the All Ireland in September. In the Hurling Championship, it is my belief that either Cork, or Kilkenny, will win the final. However, Wexford may yet surprise some people. Finally, I must say I am sorry to say that Kildare, and Round Towers star Glen Ryan is out with a broken jaw. However, there is no truth in the rumour that Breda is a suspect in the Ryan assault. I am pleased to say that Breda has a good alibi for the day concerned, she was out on a picnic with Paudi O’ Shea.


Summer Outing

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! We really had a luxurious summer outing and even as far as Tramore beat the rain to it. The first luxury for the long journey was a luxury bus to ourselves with plenty of free seats for bags or stretching out. Our first stop was in Leighlinbridge where in lavish surround beside the river we had a lovely cuppa and bun in The Lord Bagnel Inn. We at no stage rushed which was a good idea as part of the relaxing element of the outing. We had a good look around Waterford City docks and shops and then a full meal in the luxury of the Granville Hotel—a well known and renowned hotel right in the centre of the city. We then went to Tramore and it was not as crassly commercialised as I remembered. The gift shops were within reason for prices and content. Just Brid and I ventured into the sea and enjoyed a good wave. It was a bit rough to avail of my underwater camera as there was a lot of turbulence. The water was warm enough but the wind a little cold afterwards. The beach was very clean– the only sad bit was that Tramore does not have a blue flag. We thought we wouldn’t have enough time there but again were lucky in that just when we were getting tired light rain started and we returned in good time for the bus. The final treat was a stop just before Carlow on the way back in the Dolmen Hotel for a sandwich or sausage and chips —we couldn’t say we weren’t treated along the way. All and all it was a full and very enjoyable summer outing for all and those who didn’t show certainly missed a treat .


When I caught wind a fortnight ago from the powers that be that I would be working in Platinum Clubhouse, Newbridge, I was only delighted as Robbie had nothing but good reports for me about you all. He thoroughly enjoyed his time in the Clubhouse and he was delighted to hear that I would have an opportunity to experience the same warmth and good humour as he did. He said that the members and staff members would be very welcoming and friendly and indeed, he was not wrong. I nearly died when Breda told me on my first day that I would be working in the Catering Area. My mother still can’t believe that you are all still alive! I must say I could not have done it without the help of all the members and of course the staff members. Thank you! I love the kind, relaxed atmosphere of the Clubhouse that each of you create and I have noticed the huge difference it makes when more members come in and contribute to the everyday running of the Clubhouse. Keep it up! I hope to remain here with you in the Clubhouse for some time. If not, regards to you all for making my time here most enjoyable.



Some Parrots

A pious lady had this parrot and being pious she was hoping that it would say holy things. However, much to her disappointment all the parrot would say was, “Hi Honey, I’m a swinger.” Well the poor woman was in an awful state especially as the annoying bird would say this to everyone who came into her house. Eventually, like any good Catholic she decided to consult her pastor on the matter who immediately consoled her by assuring her that all her problems were at an end. “Just bring your parrot over to my house and I’ll introduce it to my two parrots which I have taught to say the rosary”. So over she takes her bird to the priest’s house and of course the first thing it says on entering is :

”Hi Honey, I’m a swinger.” As soon as the two religious parrots heard this one of them said to the other, “Quick, drop the beads. Our prayers are answered!”


Bible Breakables

A woman was posting a well-wrapped bible as a gift to a friend. The post office clerk asked the woman if there was anything breakable inside. “Only the Ten Commandments”, she replied.


The 13th International Seminar Held in Helsinki, Finland

From June 18th to June 23rd, the worldwide clubhouse community gathered for its 13th International Seminar in Helsinki, Finland. More than 400 people from 22 countries came together to learn from one another, to inspire one another, and to celebrate our ever-growing international clubhouse community.

The Seminar was co-hosted by Helsingin Klubitalo and the ICCD. The workshops and plenary sessions were held in the beautiful Finlandia Hall, in the heart of downtown Helsinki. The plenary sessions included: “Clubhouse Development Around the World”; “Clubhouses: Changing the World For People With Mental Illness”; “The Clubhouse Journey to Recovery”; “Enhancing the Clubhouse Work Day with Enriching and Innovative Opportunities”; “Research/Youth Projects/Advocacy”; “Employment”; and “The Important Role of Clubhouse Boards."

Workshops covered a wide range of clubhouse topics, including round table discussions about several of the proposals currently being reviewed for Standards revisions. As always, our workshop and plenary speakers included both members and staff of clubhouses, as well as board members, local dignitaries, and employers. Seminar participants who evaluated the event rated the program as excellent.

Helsingin Klubitalo graciously offered tours of their beautiful clubhouse for all interested Seminar participants. Helsingin Klubitalo also organized a lovely social event, a ‘Mid-Summer Night Party,’ held in the Finnish countryside. The evening included music, dinner, and dancing. As always, the last night’s Gala Banquet was a rousing and joyous party. Only in the clubhouse world would you find clubhouse members, staff, board members, and friends, all having a grand time dancing together into the wee hours of the morning

The Seminar ended with our traditional open mike session, in which Seminar participants have the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about what they have experienced throughout the week. As always, the comments were very moving. Clearly, our Seminar is more than a typical conference. Participants in our international seminars always seem to come away inspired, motivated, and grateful to be part of such a wonderful international community of kindred spirits.

See you at 14IS!

Socials in August

Saturday 6th August- BBQ in Platinum Evening social
Wednesday 17th August– Adventure Trip
Employment dinner Friday 26th August–
Town House, Naas


Summer Fantasy

O’ time of Summer to await its return
To brighten up the gloom of winter past
While at night smell the campfire burn
To lay my body down and rest at last easy

Lazy days of laughter and of fun
To swim in lakes and rivers free and wild
O’ you my Summer life has begun
A great feeling of comfort since a child.


Handy Tips

Gooseberries have a freezer life of 6 months. The fruit should be washed, top and tail them, dry and freeze packed into plastic bags.


Our Accreditation has been confirmed for 27th– 30th of September 2005. For those who don't remember our last accreditation this is when we are assessed to decide if we are functioning as a proper Clubhouse. It would be great to see as many members in, as possible before, during and after the Accreditation.

Get Well wishes to: David and Simon

Birthday Wishes:Eamonn, Gerry, James, Cathy, Simon, Nuala, Annette, Bernard, David, Mary, Michael, Martyn, Margureite, Robert, Tim.

Welcome to our new members: Wesley & Sean

Congratulations: To Lydia on her successful Art Exhibition in Athy

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