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September 2004 Newsletter


We would like to welcome everyone back from their holidays. Congratulating all students who received results from examinations. And good luck to all the children returning to School in September and to all the students returning to College. We would also like to wish the team going to America for Clubhouse Training the very best of luck, we look forward to their return with all the news. Mary will be going on maternity leave this month we wish her luck.

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Summer Trip To The Midlands

Our journey commenced at 9.30 in the Clubhouse. We had a pitstop in Scanlons of Kinnegad for a cup of coffee. A few of us played pool to help pass the time. We then set off to the bronze & pewter centre and it had lovely pieces that you could buy for wedding presents or gifts. We went to the grounds of Belvedere house as we had not the time to visit the house itself. The grounds were absolutely beautiful with budgies in cages and garden sheds on the way down to Lough Ennell. We then went to the Bloomfield House for a three course meal. We had a choice of four starters, main courses and desserts. It was absolutely gorgeous. We went shopping in Mullingar and it was a fine big shopping centre a lot bigger than the one in Newbridge.We then came home via Kinnegad, Edenderry and Rathangan. It was very well attended and Carmel drove to Mullingar in the Abbeyview bus and Mary drove the Trajet. A super day was had by all.


Household Hints

Carpet care
Animal hairs are easily removed from furniture or carpets with a damp cellulose sponge or piece of sponge rubber. Rub gently in a circular motion.

Soak stubborn stains on glass in a solution of white vinegar and salt water. Shake the mixture in a badly stained decanter: the friction will help remove the stain.


Socials For September

Over the summer months we had over 10 socials therefore due to lack of staff and 3 people going to American Training, we will only have one social in September and October. Social Friday 10th September between 6-9 p.m in clubhouse

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In the first edition of her book ”Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man ”,Professor Margaret Borden of the University of Sussex describes artificial intelligence as “getting computers to do the kinds of things that would require intelligence if done by a human”. She revised this in the second edition to define artificial intelligence as “getting computers to do the things that the human mind can do.” Such tasks include speech recognition, vision, problem solving, decision making, planning and so on..

The concept of symbol manipulation is the cornerstone of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is part of cognitive science, which in turn uses the computer as a metaphor of mind. Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary subject, covering areas such as the philosophy of mind, psychology, logic, linguistics and computer science (as well as artificial intelligence).

AI is divided into weak AI and strong AI. Researchers argue that the computer programs devised by programmed are only simulations of mind in the case of weak AI, or really are intelligent in the case of strong AI.

A further distinction can be made in those who favour “High Church Computationally” and the “New Connectionism”. Connectionism is concerned with artificial neural nets, which have brain-like properties. High Church Computationally refers simply to the older classical programming techniques.

Finally, Daniel C Dennett, an American philosopher, believes that the mind is a supercomputer, and the brain an organic supercomputer. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.


Clubhouse: A Locum’s View

The clubhouse model is very different than other centres in the EVE organisation. It is based on the principle that the members run the clubhouse in conjunction with the staff. It offers life-long membership and support to members in living a full life within the community.

All work carried out is generated by the clubhouse in the day to day running and social activities. Each and every individual is valued and recognised as unique for their skills and contributions towards the clubhouse. It is very different from other programmes run by EVE. It offers members the chance to enhance their skills and confidence by providing them with resources both within the clubhouse and the community at large.

The clubhouse is based in the community and aims to be actively involved by organising personal development and various employment programmes groups and individual members. One of the most interesting of these being the Transitional employment programme which involves an employer within the community taking on a member who will have the choice of being supported by the clubhouse. It provides a perfect opportunity to mingle with the community and gain a further sense of confidence.

Members contribution to clubhouse activity is voluntary but encouraged. As Locums we see the different centres on a weekly basis. Speaking from a Locum’s point of view, many people are sceptical of this model it may suit some people and not others but it does provide a previously underestimated form of support which we are sure is set to expand and become an integral part of the EVE network.

Ger V. & Eimear S.

Spanish Omelette

Ingredients :
1 dessertspoon vegetable oil heat in a pan.
2 onions, chopped add the onions and cook until soft.
3 add red peppers, cook for five minutes.
4 Beat four eggs in a bowl. Add salt and pepper.
5 Two large potatoes boiled and chopped. Stir the potatoes , parsley and fried vegetables into the egg mixture.
6 Pour the egg mixture into the heated frying pan and spread evenly to the edge.
7 Cook for 5 minutes until the egg mixture comes away from the side of the pan.
8 Place the pan under a pre heated grill for about 3 mins to cook the top of the omelette.


Employment News

Members continue to enjoy working. Some of our working members are on vacation at the moment. PD Training is going very well. There will be a computer course starting in September for 3 members. Michael will commence college in Tallaght in September. Carmel, Patrick & Breda are off to the States for clubhouse training on 14th September. Congrats to Damien on his new job. Job developing continues for Clive & Patricia.

Official Opening Clubhouse

We all gathered together
For official opening so unique
With speech could not get better
Each person own voice to speak
Margaret Webb with an opening say
Introduced Mr O Malley to all
Everything went well on the day
Many aspects of clubhouse to recall

Each selected member spoke their heart
About clubhouse in their mind
Each person taking their part
With unity best one could find
A refuge away from society
To a clubhouse of care
A place to let whole self free
With hope instead of despair

A lovely day was had by all
With conversation on their mind
Many things to recall
About Platinum Clubhouse one could find
Different trials that jobs create
With members to fit well in society
A reopening with much debate
With discussions meant to be



Birthday Wishes to: Eamonn, Gerry, James, Cathy, Nuala, Annette, Bernard, David, Mary, Michael, Martyn, Marguerite, Robert, Tim, Peadar

Welcome to our new members: Michael

The views, opinions and beliefs expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of Platinum Clubhouse. Any articles, items or pictures in this newsletter may only be reproduced following permission from Platinum Clubhouse.

Contributors: Paddy, Clive, Eimear, Gerry.

Editorial Team: Caroline, Patrick, Breda, Clive.


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