Newbridge, Co.Kildare, Ireland.
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What is a Clubhouse

A Clubhouse is a mutually supportive environment for people with mental health difficulties. Since Platinum Clubhouse is non-medical, people who join are members rather than 'clients' or 'patients'. Their medical needs are catered for by their own independent medical team outside of Platinum Clubhouse. As a member, you will be valued as a unique individual and have a necessary and important role. Through your contribution to the clubhouse you can gain self-confidence by participating in a work orientated programme. Clubhouse culture works effectively because it brings people with mental illness together with the process of normal life, people working together to assist each other in meeting their own needs.

The first Clubhouse in Ireland opened in Newbridge in July 99 under the auspices of Eastern Vocational Enterprises Limited (EVE Ltd). In 2002 EVE set up another Clubhouse in Clondalkin, Dublin. There is also a Clubhouse in Sligo town, Dóchas. Clubhouse, which originated in New York over fifty years ago, was created by a group of "ex-psychiatric patients". Today there are over 360 Centres following the Clubhouse Model worldwide.

Clubhouse offers members a supportive environment in which they can work alongside staff in planning and operating the Clubhouse. Members participate in mutually planned vocational, educational and social activities. Clubhouse includes the opportunity to work in a rewarding job

The Clubhouse guarantees four main rights:

  • A guaranteed right to a place to come
  • A guaranteed right to meaningful work
  • A guaranteed right to meaningful relationships
  • A guaranteed right to a place to return
Clubhouse is a member run and centred service, where every individual has something valuable to contribute to the clubhouse and to society at large, irrespective of their diagnosis or level of function.

The 3 main elements of the model are:-

  • The Work Ordered Day
  • The Social Programme (Out of hours)
  • Transitional Employment Placement (TEP)

1. The Work Ordered Day
The Work Ordered Day is an in-house prevocational programme which consists of various work. A member can choose with whom they work and how they utilise the Clubhouse.

2. The Social Programme
Regular office hours are taken up with the business of running the Clubhouse, so any social activities take place in the evenings and /or weekends. The focus of the social programme is to offer a range of supports to help members to access facilities in the community.

3. Transitional Employment Placement (TEP)
A major component of the Clubhouse is Transitional Employment Programme (TEP). TEP offers each member the chance to go to work in a paid, part-time entry level job and to stay in that job for approximately six months. Members choose the level of support and involvement they want from the Clubhouse.

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