Platinum Clubhouse Newbridge, Co.Kildare, Ireland.
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Developments at Platinum Clubhouse

Accreditation Certificate

Following an international accreditation visit in February 2002, Platinum Clubhouse was found to be operating within the guidelines of the International Standards and so achieved accreditation. Platinum is the first (and only) Irish Clubhouse to achieve this level of recognition.

We received our 4th accreditation in 2012.
To view a larger copy of the accreditation certificate, click here.

Garden Project

We were offered a concrete raised bed to plant herbs and plants in we have a great group of members who work on this Garden project daily and we are already using the herbs in the Kitchen.

Young Adults Group

This was set up in response to the number of members who have come to the Clubhouse in this age bracket 18-30, the young adults have found it difficult at times to find their place in the Clubhouse and wanted to link with other young adults groups, this group has been a huge success with over 12 members.

Art Exhibits

Members are encouraged to express themselves through art. Some have benefited from educational courses and others from exhibitions.

Irish Bog Oak

This majestic piece of bog oak was sourced and selected by the members of Platinum Clubhouse community and was brought from its natural raw stage having being submerged in the Irish bog over the last 4000 years.

Generously sponsored by: Kildare County Council arts grant 2003.
Created by artist: Brian O'Loughlin, Cappanargid, Rathangan, Co. Kildare

Wall of Fame

Platinum Clubhouse is involved in assisting members and staff members to attain their full potential and to this end we are involved in various educational programmes, both within the Clubhouse and in the wider community. As can be seen from the above picture, there have been numerous successes in this area. Well done to all involved. Courses completed include: First Aid, Manual Handling, Advocacy, Computers, Food Hygiene, CERT, Clubhouse training, etc. Many people have taken part in conferences at home and abroad.

Wall Mural

The mural was an opportunity for the members to become more involved in art and was prepared in Platinum Clubhouse with the excellent assistance of Joanie. The image includes the St. Brigid's Cross, a symbol of Kildare, while the Moate of Ardscull is also represented. Other images included are a dream catcher and a representation of the clubhouse as a bright happy place.

Shelving in the Library

Declan, who is a member of the Clubhouse community was the inspiration and craftsman behind the shelving in the library. It was designed, crafted and assembled by Declan who encouraged a group of members to assist him in every area of this project, from beginning to end. These beautiful pieces of furniture embody the core Clubhouse ideal of membership involvement and empowerment, due to the fact that staff were not skilled in woodwork and so could not envisage the finished product.


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