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July 2003 Newsletter


Warm Wishes to everyone and finally We see a bit of Sunshine. By now most of the Visiting Athletes have arrived for the Special Olympics. We look forward to the Opening Ceremony, which will be staged at the home of our GAA national Stadium.

Following on from this we look forward to the exciting clash for the first time in forty six years for Kildare footballers and the Laois footballers. May the Best team take the Leinster Cup.

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Kildare Meet Laois in the Leinster Championship

The County of Kildare received a great buzz last Saturday evening with a great victory over Meath football team to secure a place in the Leinster Championship Finals. The team to meet Kildare is Laois. This is the first time the two counties have clashed in the last 46 years.
There will be great excitement over the next five weeks while we look forward to the upcoming match to be held in Croke Park.

Acid Test

Despite the number of very poor teams competing in this years All Ireland Championship Series the competition looks as open as ever. Already last years All Ireland Champions, Armagh have been beaten and have been dumped into the qualifier series. Their chance of retaining The Sam Maguire cup looks nil. Looking at Leinster, at the time of writing, 4 teams remain, Dublin, Laois, Meath and Kildare. After the first round the wheat has been sorted from the chaff as it were and what appears to be the cream has come to the top. None of these teams have been impressive in their games played so far and appear to be much of a much-ness.

Meath, appear to be the weakest team of whets left, should have been trounced by a totally inept Westmeath side. Dublin, are the yardstick, a tough, honest, hard working side who, however appear to lack a touch of class to bring them all the way. Laois, a team bursting with young Talent will push Dublin all the way in their semi final. This leaves Kildare who although Were relegated in the league appear to be coming in to form at the right time. Munster, by all accounts, is a foregone conclusion its Kerry by a country mile. Kerry no doubt have the talent to win the All Ireland but may lack the testosterone to do so. Connaught more or less looks another one horse race with Galway looking head and shoulders above the only other team left Mayo. Mayo, a team of midgets will do well to hold classy Galway from a rout. Finally moving to Ulster, these days a hot bed of football, Tyrone look a value Bet to come through having already beaten a strong Derry side in the earlier match.
Verdict; Galway. Outside bet; Derry.


Poetry Corner

I went to the pictures tomorrow.
I took a front seat at the back.
I fell from the floor to the gallery.
And broke a front bone in my back.

One fine day in the middle of the night.
Two men got up to fight
Back to back the faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other
A paralysed donkey passing by
Kicked a blind man in the eye
Knocked him through a rubber wall
Into a dry dish and drowned them all.


Well done Siobhan on your art exhibition


Nov. 23 - Dec. 20
You are facing a major decision and it is not wise to put it off any longer. It could be a turning point in your life. Family and friends are a great support at this time. Above all be positive.

Dec. 21 - Jan. 20

The cosmos just isnít looking kindly on Capricorns this week. Use your alone time productively. Be good to yourself. Read a book. Take a break. Do whatever it takes to keep you occupied.

Jan. 21 - Feb. 19

You are finding it hard to get things in perspective. Itís clear that several things need sorting out in your head. Play with people and ideas by all means, but donít commit until youíre absolutely sure.

Feb. 20 - Mar. 20

There are so many people changing their minds this week that you donít have any sense of direction. Ride the choppy waters and wait for things to stabilize.

Mar. 21 - Apr. 21

At this point in time a lot new options appeal but donít commit before youíre absolutely sure. 2003 is your year to be free. Why tie yourself down when you can reach for the stars.

Apr. 22 - May 21

Next weekend youíll find someone has the capacity to take your breath away. Itís exciting, but a little dangerous. Proceed with caution in matters of love.

June 22 - July 22.

Relationships are fraught with difficulty at this impasse. Keep a cool head and things will eventually sort themselves out. Remember to keep the cool and have patience.

June 22 - July 21

If relationships have been heavy duty recently, maybe itís time to be playful and perk up around a certain person. In the area of work things are looking up.

July. 22 - Aug. 23

If you could climb inside someones head you might get mixed messages. Try not to do other peoples thinking. Also, make sure to keep all your options open.

Aug. 24 - Sept. 22

You might have been feeling a bit down lately but on Tuesday you feel your spirits rise. Above all donít rush into situations. Exercise caution at all times.

Nov. 23 - Oct. 22

Your heart is clear. If you like your security-then you must tread carefully this week. People are naturally drawn to your effusive personality. Lucky Day-Saturday.


Beauty Of The Countryside

Winding roads through glens that never end. Many ditches shelter each side of a country trail, busy cars shoot along each awkward bend as pedestrians carry on their routine way without fail.

I cycle along contended in holding the fresh air, as I listen to the birds whistling their chirpy song just myself and natural scenery for to share as nature of countryside within me belong rich green foliage grows natural at each cycle with many trees growing wild with great ease.

In Summer childhood I travel in haste on my life with freedom in my heart I do as I please. Remembering back the ecstasy of my childhood days running through the fields and having fun a feeling of country comfort within me lays. Been a country boy with glee I will forever began I used to pick wild mushrooms on a cowdary field or searching from bush to bush for birds eggs. Nature in my heart had me entirely healed Been aware of any stinging nettles on my legs I loved to smell the wild and scarlet briar rose. Or collecting the colour lilac on each tree the cowslips and the buttercups lavishly grows just some of the pleasure the country meant to me.

My countryside is familiar to me in many ways of all the land I explored during the area within lays. In a lifetime of dreams forsaken by many years derelict buildings are scattered from place to place. Once children reared there but now gone abroad it is of my countryside within me to embrace. To the beauty of a homeland created by our trial Lord. A natural beauty my countryside does behold that develop more within the seasons Of each year Even though these country landscapes are continues old . My heart will be within its nature Oh so Near.


Employment and Education Unit

All members doing well in Employment.
Carmel is busy job developing.
Four members received certificates for computers training last week.
Three members will commence a computer course on 25/06/03, best of luck to Eileen, Patricia, and Michael.

Administration Unit

Just to let everyone know we have started our unit meetings and all are welcome to attend. The first one was held last Monday at 12 noon. Newsletter articles have been coming in So thanks To all members for their support. We also welcome new articles from anyone whose interested. We have decided to do a clean up in the admin unit Every Friday afternoon help is welcome.

Thanks to all the members and staff for their skills and support in training members to use computers and in the general day to day running of the very busy admin. I am delighted with all the help I have received form everyone in the unit. I am now more confident with my computer skills.



Best wishes to: Michael Burke and Seamus Sex with their new set of wheels, keep between the ditches!

Best wishes to: David on his two new wheels bicycle. Donít forget the spare!

Congratulations to: Siobhan who recently started a voluntary job well done.

Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell. And feeling down, chins up.
Birthday Wishes to: all members in the month of July, Jackie, Eleanor, Reg, Aileen, Denis, Bernie, Shane.

All the Summer Sales have started so get out there for all the bargains.

Eileen and Cathy

My Idol: Celine Dion (Part 4)

`The song The Power of Love , was the first single to be released from her 1993 album, The Colour of my Love. The single reached no 2 on the billboard charts. The album was a massive success. It sold over 15 million copies worldwide, making her the best selling female artist in 1993.
The next single for release from her album was Think Twice. This was a burning ballad selling more than 2 million copies. It was at that time, when Celine Dion told Everyone about her life-long love, Rene Angelil.
The whole world was surprised and amazed, but they thought it was a great time for Celine to let the world know, especially with the success she had been having. My favourite songs on The Colour of my Love album are Love Doesnít ask why and Everybodyís talking my Baby Down.

To Be Continued... Join me in the next issue of the Newsletter for Part 5.



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Mary, Stephen, Paddy, Angela and Siobhan.

Editorial Team:
Mary and Caroline

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