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June 2003 Newsletter


We extend A Big Welcome to all the athletes taking part in the Special Olympics. We wish them all the best of luck. We wish all students in Ireland sitting State Exams the best of luck and hope that they do not take them too seriously. Students and folks of Ireland you are Guaranteed a good night or Day out or both if you wish at the Derby Festival, Horse Racing Music and Fun and Irish Craic to be had by All.

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Accreditation Result

It is with a great sense of achievement that we received a certificate last month from the ICCD in Fountain House. It states that Platinum Clubhouse is an accredited Clubhouse.
This certificate is the culmination of lots of hard work from members and staff of our clubhouse and all involved are due thanks.
We are delighted to have reached this level and look forward to maintaining the Clubhouse. Special thanks go to all those who helped in any way, especially those members and staff who worked on the self study and putting together the information on the different units.
It is an achievement that can never be taken away from us… we are the first Irish Clubhouse to receive international accreditation.
Congratulations to all involved.


Poetry Corner

50 Years

Suddenly now I am Fifthly

How Swiftly the years fold
Feeling young and thrifty
Yet again I am getting old
I am going over the hill or
I am as young as I feel
Time will never stand still
No matter what the ordeal
One thing is in my favour
Old age pension not far away
Nothing to account for
Getting older by the day
Still time Has matured me more
No pain or ache
What lies in store Is what destined takes
What happens in time to come
Is Written in the sky
When all s said and done
At fifthly Not a bad looking guy
More and more graceful I vet Become
With wisdom shinning through
At fifthly it is so much fun In all I say and do.


A New Mini Bus

Platinum Clubhouse purchased a mini bus in partnership with Estuary centre in Swords Co Dublin Platinum was lucky they got €15,000 from National Lottery The total cost of the bus was €40,000 It is fully wheelchair Accessible with Ramp and step at side with quick release seats It is a 16 seated capacity and driver. We at Platinum all ready enjoyed a few trips in it We hope that every one using this mini bus will have a safe and a happy time and enjoy many a trip.


Maintenance Unit

Well what can any one say when it comes to maintenance, Raymond will fix it, by hook or by crook it will be done. This unit has taken off over the last nine months. It is hard to keep up with it. Raymond and members have done some amazing work in this area.

  • A new look to the coffee dock.
  • A new look to the employment unit.
  • A new look to the general office.
  • The dinning area has seen wall lights dimmer switches and hanging plates.
  • A new look to the catering unit.
  • Ashtrays installed outside.
  • Spotlights in the information unit.

    Members have learned a lot from Raymond. A new challenge has now been taken on by Raymond. He has given his first lesson in maintenance to two female members of staff, Caroline and Mary. So their skills are soon to be tested in this area, and if I may say it won’t be an easy test. We will keep you up dated on this challenge in the maintenance unit

  • Breda & David

    Social Unit

    It’s a while since we had an update on what is going on in the social unit. Well things are really happening in this unit now. Members and staff have been out on many a social evening and social night. We have been to drama events, cinema, bowling, snooker. Have had visits to Carlow, Tuallmore, Kilkenny, in which we have seen the sights of these towns.
    At Platinum itself we have enjoyed a few video evenings with finger food and a chat and a laugh.
    Members in employment and other members and staff have enjoyed an employment dinner once a month. We have had dinner out in the community at night in Newbridge, Kildare and Naas. We have also enjoyed employment dinners in Platinum itself in candlelight and soft music. Members at Platinum are really happy at the ways the social unit has developed over the past few months and are looking forward to the next line up of events. The social committee are busy trying to organise events, welcoming new members to help out in this area. All staff are very involved in this unit in particular Ray our manager who drives us to a lot of events up and down the county late at night.
    Breda & David

    The Social Outing to Kilkenny

    The social to Kilkenny well it was great .I think we all enjoyed it I really enjoyed it because I had good memories been there it was the first holiday I brought Patsy to. The members and staff were in great form and the staff was very good to us anyway.
    You could see that everyone really enjoyed it because we were all laughing and we were slagging each other, it was a good slagging, so all in all it was a great social, and there was a great buzz to it.
    We set of at 10 AM and when we got there we all went our own way. At 12 25 we went and had a lovely meal. I brought my camera with me and I took some lovely photos so there should be some lovely photos coming out and then we went to Kilkenny castle. We got some useful information and then when we set of home. I thought we were going home but we had a lovely surprise coming our way and the staff brought us to a hotel and we got desert and other things. I think it was one of the best socials that we had in a long time.
    So thanks to the staff and the members for a good day out and I hope the next is as good as Kilkenny was.



    Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell.

    Birthday Wishes to: Martina Kieran Roisin Linda Desmond Siobhan.

    Welcome to our new member: Mark

    My Idol: Celine Dion (part 3)

    Celine recorded her first English language duet in 1991. The song is called “Beauty and the Beast.” She sang the song with soul singer Paebo Bryson. It was a huge hit in America and Europe. It reached No.3 on the Billboard Chart. Celine’s next album, simply titled “CELINE DION,” was released in 1992. The album sold aver 3 million copies worldwide. My favourite songs on the album are “If you asked me to,” and “Water from the moon.” "Beauty and the Beast” also appears on the album.

    TO BE CONTINUED… Join me in the next issue of the Newsletter for part 4 .


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    Tom ,Andrew,Paddy, Breda, Editorial Team: David, Breda,Tom, Caroline,

    Editorial Team:
    Breda and Caroline

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