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November 2005 Newsletter


With the days noticeably shorter and a sharp chill in the air , memories of the summer and holidays seem to be another life time ago for most people, it seems fitting that we have just returned from a weekend of fun and adventure to help brighten these dark days. The crew here at Platinum painted the town (Red) Lilly White down in the metropolis of Killarney. With a weekend of sightseeing, shopping and the occasional drink, its fair to say, the people of Kerry will never be the same again . Read about the trip in this new issue of platinum News

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Killarney Trip

The trip started off with a train from Newbridge to Heuston. When we arrived in Heuston we had a sandwich and a cup of tea. The train journey was four and a half hours long direct to Killarney. Some of us played cards, while others read books and did the crosswords. On arrival we made our way to the Hotel some got taxis up, some didn’t. When we arrived at the hotel we got our keys for our rooms and checked them out. At half seven we went for our dinner and had starter, main course, desert, coffee and tea. Food was excellent. After dinner we went in to listen to the band that was playing and had a few drinks. Breakfast was an “all you can eat” a buffet of a fry and a selection of bread and juices. A few went to the Ring of Kerry for most of the day and some went shopping to an outlet centre and the rest went into town. We had a few drinks in the hotel and listened to the comedian who turned out to be a singing comedian. We then went down town and in to a night club called Mustang Sally's and danced the night away. The breakfast on the last day was an all you can eat buffet. Sunday lunch was sandwiches and tea and then it was home sweet home unfortunately.

Patrick, Peter, Brian, Tony and the Rest of the Youth Group

My Memories Of The Killarney Trip And The Ring Of Kerry

We all met at the Clubhouse early on Friday morning, there was great excitement and everyone was looking forward to the trip. The weather was nice going down on the train and fortunately it stayed fine for the whole trip. The train journey was nice as we saw different parts of the country. I always like looking out the window to see the views of the country side. Everyone was glad to reach the hotel, as we were all getting a little tired from the journey. Myself, Michael T, Peter and Lydia split from the main group and took the tour of the Ring of Kerry. It was most enjoyable and the scenery was breathtaking. For me this was the highlight of the trip as I had never been on anything similar. Whilst we were on the tour, the main group organised a shopping trip, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t do both bu, I couldn’t believe my luck when our tour made it back to the town earlier than expected and I was able to do some shopping too!!!! We had a leisure centre in the hotel which was amazing especially the Jacuzzi. The meals in the hotel were fabulous so I don’t think there were any complaints. Breda and Carmel did a good job keeping us in order and making sure we were all safe. Im sure I can speak for everyone when I say that everyone had a great time and we all will have fond memories of it for many years to come. Everything ran according to plan and we all arrived back safely to Newbridge on Sunday evening.


World Mental Health Day 10/10/05

It can be easier said than done at times and we can get confused between good contentment and happiness, which can be beyond our reach on a high sustained level. At times you say” I’ll not face the world and I’ll stay in bed indefinitely, but that strategy actually is not great. When you do eventually get up you may not have more energy and indeed your body may be weaker through lack of exercise – the sure way for an old person to decrease blood flow and end up with a stroke. You also may have too much time to concentrate on all those worries, which may seem bigger after a few days in bed. After all, if you sleep during the day the chances are that you will be awake at night thinking about even minor aches and pains. What is the solution? If you are disillusioned with people for the moment go for a walk and see how the rest of Nature is living it’s life; get a magnifying glass and look at a ladybird or the wonderful designs of seeds and flowers or listen to all the talk among the birds. Creativity through the years has indeed been a great distraction for people who otherwise would have been depressed on an ongoing basis. These were often people of immense talent who, if they were to succumb to depression for a period, were in very poor condition. They included great artists trying to do the perfect work of art, the composers the craftspeople etc. One of the poets in a similar position remarked, “ True wits to madness near allied and thin partitions do their bounds divide.” Thankfully at that stage, at least, he was writing, and so creative, and left us great examples of his works. I call creativity distraction and I recommend it. I use art and ‘foostering’ myself as Dad used to say – mending or making or looking for a washer to put in a broken machine that was designed to be disposable in the first place! Your creativity in this way can have positive effects on you as it stimulates the brain. It also often leads to a piece of work being completed, either directly of benefit, or decorative, and you may have something to give to others at the end –to share your latest invention or give in samples of your efforts. If you are preoccupied enough you may find that you have at least softened all those aches pains and problems. You may feel that you did not waste another day ‘thinking around in circles’, about problems that you simply cannot solve -at least in the short term, and may have a clearer head when they are approached one at a time in a better frame of mind. All of this can be easier said than done as I said but my ‘cure’ usually remains in three words –‘distraction, distraction, distraction’!

Best Lydia

How Do You Stay In Good Form?

Did You Know?

* Ireland had the world’s first Government Minister
* Ireland consumes more tea than any other country in the world
* The White House was designed by an Irish architect from Kilkenny

Handy Tips

Moths-Keep sachets scented strongly with dried lavender, cinnamon and cloves in your cupboard to keep the moths at bay.


I like the colour red,
The colour of a rose,
Very colourful to me,
That’s what I chose.

I like the colour green,
It’s the colour of trees,
The true sign of Nature So meaningful to me.

I like the colour yellow,
So brilliant and bright,
I love that colour,
Including a plain and simple white.

I hate the colour black,
It reminds me of death,
It’s one of those subjects,
I’d rather forget.

There are colours that I hate,
Colours that I like,
But the colours that I want,
Must be very warm and bright.


Nutrition and Healthy Eating Talk by Anna

On Thursday 29th October a talk on healthy eating was given to members and staff here at Clubhouse by Anna Doody who is a weight watchers leader. I suppose we all know what healthy eating is all about but to put into action is the difficult part. Anna spoke on the need to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, less fat and some exercise like swimming and walking. Cutting back on saturated fat is important for everyone, since eating too much saturated fat is thought to increase the risk of heart disease. This fat is mostly found in meat and dairy products, such as whole milk, lard, ice-cream, butter, cream, cheese, and yogurt made from whole milk. The secret to improving on that is to watch out for reduced calorie, low calorie, diet, lite or light, no added sugar, sugar free, low sugar, low and reduced fat and high fibre, when doing your weekly shopping. Choose fruit instead of cheese after a meal and never shop when hungry as the temptation to buy the wrong foods is too great. Different foods have different mixtures of nutrients in them, so eating lots of different foods is a good way to make sure you get enough of the nutrient you need. Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre and they are low in fat, too. Do include plenty of fruit and veg in your diet. Limit your portion sizes to average or medium. Finally don’t cut out all your favourite foods – this could make you feel deprived . Enjoy the food you eat and have the occasional treats. Then of course there is exercise. There’s no need to worry about “proper” exercise-just try to be more active throughout the day. · Walk instead of using the car or bus. · Climb stairs whenever possible. · Put more energy into everything you do. Other ways of burning up calories through exercise are by jogging, cycling, gardening digging), aerobics, golf, badminton etc.etc. Regular exercise is good for you – as long as you start gently and build up gradually.

Christmas Event 2005

Christmas party is in the Ambassador Hotel Kill.
It is on the 2nd December
8– till late. Cost is €20 per member
As agreed at the house meeting of 18th Oct Partners/Spouses of Active members may attend at a cost of €20.

My Life Skills Course

Every Monday in Jigginstown I do a life skills course from 10-12. The course includes stress management, behaviour and relaxation. We did some acting in awkward situations and how to deal with them. There are 17 people on the course all shapes and sizes and different backgrounds. I find this course very interesting and relaxing. It is the least stressful course out of all of them which is the reason I chose it for the next 7 weeks.



Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell.

Birthday Wishes to: Gary, Robert, Declan, Margaret, Brid, Kevin, Daniel, Margaret, Alan, Eileen, John Joe, Simon, Dara

Contributors: Patrick, Brid, Peter B, Lydia, Stephen D, Robert, Anna, Brian, Tony

Editorial Team: Eileen, Clive, Carmel, Ian, Patricia

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