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August 2006 Newsletter


August sees the semi finals in Football and hurling taking place. It is also the month when a lot of families and workers go on their holidays, hope you all have a lovely the end of august the rose of tralee festival takes place. In clubhouse we have our employment dinner at the end of the month, as well as other socials during the month. Well done to italy on winning the world cup, and to tom on winning our world cup draw.

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Hey Everybody!

My name is Avril and I started as a locum with EVE three months ago. During this time I have spent quite a lot of time down here in Platinum. As I was new to the clubhouse experience the members here were brillant in showing me what it is all about. On my first day I was given a guided tour of the clubhouse and was shown the different type of work which is carried out in each unit. All the members have been showing me the ropes since I arrived. Clive introduced me to the petty cash system, Peter brought me on a shopping trip to the new Whitewater shopping centre, Vera showed me where to sign in and Tom has taught me a thing or two in the kitchen! I have also gone on site visits to the members who are in employment in the area to see how they are getting on and to update them with clubhouse news. It is obvious that all the members love coming in to Platinum everyday and this can be seen by the way they take great care in running and maintaining the clubhouse Everyone here has made me feel welcome– and I think I have converted them all to Offaly supporters now that Kildare are out of the running! Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Platinum and I hope I’ll be back sometime over the summer.


Killen Thomas Wood

Through this forest I long to be,
Where I find peace & serenity,
Far away from a world of strife,
Its beauty strengthens my inner life,
On its walk I wander through,
Forget about pain my mind renew,
Far away from a boring routine,
So on my walks I set the scene,
Just nature & myself to explore,
My heart at ease in a forest adore,
A peaceful habitat and myself alone,
While through its walk I roam.

Blue bells peep lavishly along,
Its inner beauty cannot go wrong,
While the snow white garlic such grace,
Making everything a beautiful place,
Like a magical garden in my mind,
Waiting there for me to find,
On this summers day forest and I,
My very world question why,
My peace of solitude forever mine,
Protecting & consoling for all time,
What a hiding place what such fun,
It is of you my heart is won.

Paddy M

A Night at the Races

Last Friday night, the clubhouse went to the Budweiser Derby Festival of racing on the curragh. Staff on duty on the night were Mary and Tom. Tom was the first one to have a winner when he backed the Noel Meade trained Telemacus, who won at the odds of, twelve to one. Clive was an expert on the fashion and he also had a nice eye for a lovely filly. We got a nice meal in the restaurant , some of use had chicken and chips, while others had sausages and chips. The weather on the night was lovely and warm, so in keeping with the tradition of the festival, some of the members had a nice cool pint of Budweiser. Fair dues to the ladies as Lydia and Mary came with up the best winner of the night, when they backed thirty three to one outsider, Lylic Rose, who won for them..So much for myself and Michael T, and all of us who spent a good deal of time reading the form in the papers, the ladies showed us we, would not know the front of a horse, from the back of a horse. When the races were over, the members and staff made their way home.

Derby Day on the Curragh

On Sunday , I went back up to see the running of the Budweiser Irish Derby. Again the weather was lovely, if anything it was too warm. The Derby itself was won by the , Aidan O’ Brian, trained Dylan Thomas, who showed a clean pair of heels to his rivals. For the ladies let me tell you the fashion was out of this world, and there was a few handsome hunks up there as well.All in all , I had a lucky day and I backed three winners in all. The only thing I was fit for when I went home was a nice cool shower, and to watch some T V


Roisin R. I. P

It was with great sadness that the members and staff learnt of the death of Roisin Roisin was a gentle soul, who was a life time member of Platinum Clubhouse. In the clubhouse , Roisin was a familiar face in the Kitchen unit, and in all aspects of clubhouse life she was involved. A priest once said the good die young, well in Roisin case that was true. I am glad she did not have to suffer long with her illness, she did not deserve it. May she rest in peace.

Kilkenny trip

The day started with us meeting at the train station. Then when the train came we sat down and started playing cards to pass the time. When we arrived in Kilkenny we walked to the hotel. Carmel had brought some of the members by bus so when we arrived at the hotel we awaited their arrival. When they arrived the rooms weren't ready so we said we would go for a meal in Langton’s which was excellent. Then we went back to the hotel where the rooms were ready so we all got familiar with our rooms. Then later on we went to see Kilkenny castle and hoped to go for a tour but found we would have to book it in advance so we went for a walk around the grounds and took a few pictures. Then we came back to the castle but at that stage some of us didn’t want to go in so we split up in two groups one went to the castle and the other group went to find the snooker hall. I went for the snooker so we walked around for a while and then found it but it wasn't open till later so we had a bit to eat and came back and played an hour of cagey snooker. Then that night we had our meal in the hotel and a few drinks and went to bed. The next day was spent looking around shops and the general town itself. Then had an other meal in Langton’s, back to the hotel and later that night a few of us went to the pub for some traditional music. The hotel also had a pool and Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna which were fantastic. The food was ok in the hotel but Langton’s was much better. That’s about it so I’ll say goodbye.


Admin unit

Admin unit is very busy all of the time. Members and staff publish the newsletter monthly, the Action plan for out post site American visit was typed up and printed off. Members and staff are now doing up a weekly news sheet and it will be available every Monday. It will be edited by Patricia and Robert.

Tip of the Month

Enjoy the weather where ever your holiday is
Use your sun creams Keep the head covered
Drink plenty of water & tea And sleep in side.

August Socials

Wednesday 9th Midweek Social– Lake Trip C.
Saturday 19th Saturday Social
Friday 25th— Employment Dinner Sallins


Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell.

Birthday Wishes:Eamonn, Gerry, Cathy, Simon ,Annette, Bernard, David, Mary, Michael B, Martyn, Robert, Tim & Peadar ,Tom L

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