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September 2006 Newsletter


Classes are re-commencing in September. Don’t forget to leave a few euro by for the extra increase in your fuel bills. Any suggestions for your Christmas Party ? All are welcome to the Social Committee. Our Social Calendar has been updated for the winter months so have a look. Our bowling competition will be commencing in September so all names are welcome and come along. Twenty weeks only to Christmas, start saving in our budgeting club. Good luck.

If anyone has any articles or comments they would like to submit please e-mail them to us at:


Summer Social to Powerscourt

There were twenty five of us, staff and members. We left Platinum Clubhouse in the morning and went to the Red Cow Inn in Dublin for tea and scones. Then we went to Powerscourt which is a big house and gardens in Wicklow. The weather was very good and the gardens were beautiful. There were ponds and fountains. I got some lovely photographs. On our way back we had dinner in the Johnstown Inn. A good time was had by all.

Michael B


These are the tragic days,
Where war has begun,
Killing innocent people,
Kids crying mum.

These are the bad days,
Where lots of people die,
With war and famine,
Just look, you cry..

These are the happy days,
Where lots of people laugh,
Telling jokes and gimmicks,
About a foal and a calf.

These are the good days,
Where life is so long,
Correct me if I’m right,
Correct me if I’m wrong

Everyone is special in so many ways,
That’s why we live our own different days.

Stephen D

Catering Unit

It is a while since we heard from this unit. As usual it is a busy unit and it is the heart of Platinum Clubhouse. Members and staff come and go through this unit all day. First thing in the morning members and staff meet for breakfast and a general chat among themselves and I like to remind you that anything goes in the chit chat. Lunch is prepared every day, baking is done, cleaning and ordering is completed by members and staff. Members and staff plan menus, discuss how items are ordered and prepared. Of late, we have organised a healthy eating day and this takes place every Wednesday. Most members enjoy this venture, and are delighted to add this venture to the wellness programme. There is lots of up date information available in our housing unit and some members are in the process of plans for housing and rented accommodation. All of Platinum would like to thank some constant familiar faces seen in catering: Lynda, Roisin, Brid, Patrick, Peter & Stephan C. If you are familiar with our newsletter you will have seen many recipes from the catering unit. We will not be putting in one this month as we are planning some exciting ones for Christmas. Oh its not far away, so watch out for our ideas.

The Value of a Smile

It costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None are so rich that they can get along without it and none are so poor but are richer for a smile. It creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in a business and is the countersign of friends. Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is no earthly good to anybody till it is given away! And if it ever happens that some people should be too tired to give you a smile, why not leave one of yours ? For nobody needs a smile so much as those who have none left to give .

Recipes: Simple baked Cheesecake

Ingredients: 75g/3oz brown sugar
Pinch of cinnamon
4 Eggs 125g/4oz ground almonds
170ml carton sour cream
225g/8oz cream cheese Rind and juice of 1 orange

Method: Preheat oven to 150 C/ 300C/Gas 2. Liberally grease a 23 cm/ 9” spring—form cake tin.
Mix the sugar, cinnamon and half the orange rind together and spread over the base of the tin.
Put eggs, ground almonds, flour, sour cream, cream cheese, juice and remaining rind of orange into a food processor.
Give a “buzz” for about 20 seconds. Half way through “scrape down” sides of bowl!
Pour into the tin and bake for around 1 hour or until set.
When baked, carefully remove from the tin.
Serve warm or cold with fruit of your choice


Ten Reasons Why Never Wash

In one parish, the priest, fed up with all the excuses given over the years as to why people don’t go to church, included “Ten Reasons why I Never Wash” in the Sunday Newsletter

1.I was forced to as a child
2. People who wash are hypocrites— they think they are cleaner than everybody else.
3. There are so many different kinds of soaps, I can’t decide which one is best.
4. I used to wash, but I got bored and stopped.
5. I wash only on special occasions, like Christmas and Easter.
6. None of my friends wash.
7. I’ll start washing when I get older and dirtier.
8. I can’t spare the time.
9. The bathroom is never warm enough in Winter or cool enough in Summer.
10. People who make soap are only after your money.

Origin Unknown

Admin unit

Admin unit is very busy all of the time. Members and staff publish the newsletter monthly, the Action plan for out post site American visit was typed up and printed off. Members and staff are now doing up a weekly news sheet and it will be available every Monday. It will be edited by Patricia and Robert.

Tip of the Month

Don’t store bananas in a refrigerator. Ripe Bananas will go black; green ones won’t ripen properly after they are removed from the cold atmosphere. Ripen green bananas by lightly wrapping them in a plastic bag together with a couple of apples.


Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell.

Birthday Wishes: Elizabeth, Martina, Mary, James, Kieran, Roisin, Linda, Darren, Desmond, Lydia, Siobhan.

The views, opinions and beliefs expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of Platinum Clubhouse. Any articles, items or pictures in this newsletter may only be reproduced following permission from Platinum Clubhouse.

Contributors: Eileen D, Stephen D, Stephen C, Michael B, Patricia, Patrick F, Clive, Mary.

Editorial team: Carmel, Clive, Eileen, Patrick, Ian.

Any articles, items or pictures in this newsletter may only be reproduced following permission from Platinum Clubhouse.

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