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October 2003 Newsletter


Its that time of year again when the goblins and ghosts are out for a night on the town.
Many young people dress up and go visiting from house to house to entertain the householders with the question: Trick or Treat?
The goblins, ghosts and little monsters then perform a trick or do something in return for something from the householder. It used to be that the performers would be happy with sweets, nuts or fruit, but nowadays they seem to prefer money.

Happy Halloween

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Your Pets at Halloween

As you are all aware it is now the time of year that Halloween celebrations begin. You probably all hear the bangers and various different fire works going off. It is extremely annoying for us all, but most of all we tend to forget our “good old loyal friends,” our cats, dogs, hamsters to name but a few. These “little loyal friends” of ours are often abused, especially when it comes to bonfires etc. The most important thing is to protect our little friends from all that noise, which petrifies them that they don’t know whether they are coming or going. If possible at all keep them in doors, especially on Halloween night. If not protect them in their outside little houses to the best of your ability. We are aware that we have a good old “Garda” force that will reduce all this cruelty and disturbance greatly, but we must help them in their task. I would like to wish you all a safe a happy Halloween. “Penny for the Pucai!"



Halloween is here again this year
so be aware of this scary night
as soon as the darkness draw near
many spirits drool with their fright.

Strange faces call to each door
looking for apples and nuts at their fill
these little monsters we so much adore
shall inhabit the night with a shivery chill.

They will sing songs with great fun
celebrate the night until very late
the night will not be over and done
until the bon fire is burning great.

Kids dance and play around and around
until the stars soon shine in glory
fire works blaze from the sodden ground
until the spell of the night tells its story.



Employment News

Two members, Stephen and Philip completed the First Aid Course held in the Clubhouse for three consecutive Saturday mornings. They enjoyed it immensely and we congratulate them both. We are looking for funding for more First Aid Courses and Manual Handling for people in work and thinking of going to work. Some of our members are still improving their hours. There are two T.E. site vacancies at present. All members and staff are doing very well in Education at the moment.

The Special Olympics

Even though we worked extremely hard and had some very long days, we didn’t grudge a minute of it. Any challenges that we met were outweighed by the camaraderie, sense of participation and knowledge that we have made a difference. We left with new friends, stories to tell, and lots of memories. I don’t want to paint too serious a picture as we also had an amazing amount of fun and “craic”. The organisers made sure that it was not a case of “all work and no play”, so they threw in a few parties for good measure which were most enjoyable with food and wine supplied. I don’t want to omit the Opening and Closing ceremonies which were seen by all on television, but being present to experience the atmosphere in Croke Park was the icing on the cake. Words fail me at this point—it was indescribable. Will we ever see the likes of it again, I wonder? Since then we have received two very nice certificates as a thank you , and also included was an application form to fill if we are interested in volunteering for Special Olympics Ireland, or even future World Games in Japan or China. I’m seriously considering saying yes!!!

Eileen D


Get Well wishes to: All our members who are unwell

Birthday Wishes to: John, Anna, Philip, Patrick T, Mary O' L., Margaret K. & Hugh

Welcome to our new members: Hugh, Brid & Aaron

Doctor: “Ah Mrs Quinn, I have not seen you for a while…”

Mrs Quinn: “I know you have not doctor, I have been ill.”

Q What is a ghosts favourite dessert?

A:I scream

Q: What did the rabbit want to do when it grew up?

A: Join the hare force.

Q.Why do skeletons drink so much milk?

A: Because its good for the bones.

Q. What does a monster eat after his teeth have been taken out?

A: The dentist.

Q: How did the woman feel when she saw her electricity bill?

A Shocked Patricia

Mince Stew

Serves 4-5

1 lb mince
1 ¼ pint hot water (approx.)
½ cooking apple
2 cloves garlic - optional
1 carrot
2 tablespoons flour
½ teaspoon salt
1 shank broccoli
1 onion

Half fry mince and onion separately. Put them into hot water. Add chopped garlic. Grate cooking apple, carrot, and broccoli, add and stir well. Simmer for half to three quarters of an hour.


Grand Canal

In my hometown lies the Grand Canal it attracts lots of boats. It is very peaceful place. I go fishing there a lot. It has a wide range of fish Bream, Tench, Roach, and Eel. The main bait used is maggots and sweet corn. My son started fishing this year and when he caught his first fish it was magic, he spoke about it for a week or more.

I remember when I started, my rod was hazel stick with some line tied to the top it was simple but it done the job. I find it very relaxing just sitting there waiting for the float to disappear. It is a great place to meet people as they pass, they stop for a chat. In my opinion, it is a great pastime.



My favourite hobby is swimming. I swim in the Standhouse Leisure Centre. Time permitting, I usually swim early every morning. Sometimes the most difficult part is getting myself out of the bed and up to the swimming pool. I suppose it’s a question of motivation. I’m a strong swimmer and swim thirty lengths. There’s usually a bit of crack in the changing rooms and a chance to get to meet new people. Swimming is a tonic for the mind and the body. It's very invigorating. I’ve been doing it now for years. It's the only sport that exercises every muscle of the body. Young and old alike benefit greatly from swimming. I would recommend it as a sport to everyone.


Trip to Galway

The residents of Bramble Lodge went to Galway city on holidays from 22nd to 25th September 03. They stayed in a three storey hotel called Sacre Couer, which was a quarter of a mile from the sea. There were Casinos there where one resident, (I think it was Scoby) lost his money. One of the days they were driven in the minibus to see the Quiet Man's Cottage. There was a shop there for people on holiday to buy souvenirs. In the hotel the meals were lovely with a choice of beef, lamb or fish every day for dinner. Needless to say, they all had a few or more pints at night.



On Monday the first of September, Michael and myself went on the train from Kildare to Killarney. It was a three-hour journey by train. On getting off the train we asked a local where was Killarney town, he replied in a Kerry accent, aren’t you in it boy, can’t you see it. During our stay in Killarney we stayed in the Killarney Ryan Hotel, for three days and nights. On the Tuesday we visited Muckross House, and we visited the National Park and Torc Waterfall. Queen Victoria stayed in Muckross house during her visit to Ireland. It was once owned by the Herbert family, and is now in the care of the state. Each night we went out on the town. There was Traditional Irish Music in most of the pubs, but I hasten to add none of us got up to sing. We went shopping in Killarney town, and we got some presents to bring home. In the hotel, Michael and I had a game of tennis, and a swim in the swimming pool. On Thursday we got the train home. We enjoyed our holiday in Killarney, and please God we will go back there again.


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