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This Christmas, December 2018, the pupils of St. Evin's School gave a goat to a poor family in Africa through the charity, Bothar na nGabhar

In June 2018, Aisling, a representative from Bothar, came to our school and spoke to the children about the work of Bothar.

We donated 300 from our mission fund to pay for the goat, transportation and veterinary back up. This gift of an Irish Dairy Goat can change the life of a family forever. An Irish goat will produce up to 4 times as much milk as a local cow - that's up to 4 litres of milk today. This is enough to enable a family to enjoy milk in their diet and raise money from the sale of extra milk and cheese. Families who receive dairy goats from Bothar would often not have enough land to support a larger animal, so our goat went to the poorest of the poor. Dairy goats are friendly and easy to manage. They will have a baby kid each year, and because they often produce twins, a farmer can quickly start to build up a small herd.