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On Wednesday, February 18th, 2015, the pupils from second class and sixth classes presented a lovely ceremony for the whole school to mark Ash Wednesday. The presentation included drama, prayer, liturgy and singing. Everyone joined in to sing the Alive-O songs: "The Wilderness" and "My Shepherd is the Lord".

Ash Wednesday Assembly

 18th March 2015

Presented by Second Class and Sixth Class

HYMN:         My Shepherd is the Lord (first and second verses)

Mr Costello:    Today is Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is a special day. It marks the beginning of Lent. We wear ashes on our forehead. Ashes come from burnt palm. Ashes help us to remember that it is important sometimes to turn away from being busy, to stop and turn towards God.

POEM:          Turn Away (Sixth Class)

                    Turn away, turn away from being too busy

                        Be quiet, be still and pray.

                        Turn towards God in the wilderness.

                        Turn, turn, day by day.

Pupil:  One day Jesus decided that it would be good for him to go away and be on his own for a while.  He wanted to go somewhere quiet.

Pupil:  A place where there would be no distractions, and some place where he could think and pray to God about his life, about his friends and about the world.

Pupil: Then it dawned on him that the desert might be a good place for doing what he wanted to do.  He went off and spent some time in the desert wilderness.

Pupil: Jesus stayed in the desert for 40 days and nights thinking and praying.  We remember Jesus’ time in the desert during Lent.

HYMN:         Wilderness, Alive-O, (chorus and first verse)

Pupil: We would now like to share a poem with you. It is called ‘Time’ and it is by Christy Kenneally.

POEM:          Time   by Christy Kenneally (Second Class)


Pupil: We would like to continue by placing objects in our Sacred Space as a reminder of what we are to celebrate during the days of Lent.

Pupil: As we journey during Lent, we place a candle in our Sacred Space. This candle reminds us that we are called to live in the light of Christ, and that each of us is called to shine as brightly as this candle.

Pupil: As we journey during Lent, we place the Bible in our Sacred Space. In its pages are found the stories of those people whose examples we follow, and we hear the stories of Jesus and his love for everyone he met.

Pupil: As we journey during Lent, we place a bowl of holy water in our Sacred Space. This water will remind us of our baptism, when we became children of God, and brothers and sisters of Jesus.

Pupil: As we journey during Lent, we place a cross in our Sacred Space. The cross reminds us of Jesus, who died for us. It reminds us that God sent his only son into the world and that by his death on the cross he has become our Saviour.

Pupil: As we journey during Lent, we place a Trócaire box in our Sacred Space. The box reminds us that Lent is a time when we make sacrifices that will benefit others. By giving up sweets or fizzy drinks and placing that money in the Trócaire box we will help children in the developing world to have a better life.

Readings :

Pupil: During Lent, we will try harder to love God in all the things we do and in all the choices we make.

Pupil: Lent is a time when we can be quiet and thoughtful.  It can be a time when we remember that we are connected to others and to God.

    HYMN:  Connected” from Alive-O.

Pupil: During Lent we can say sorry for the times when we have chosen not to be connected to those who love us and have been distant from God.

Pupil: During Lent we decide to do something special or make a sacrifice to help us to feel closer to God.  We could go to Mass everyday or keep our bedroom tidy or be kind to someone we know or say an extra prayer each day.

Pupil: Our classes have made promises of what we are going to try to do for Lent this year. Some of the girls from our classes will now present their Lenten   promises.

(Some pupils present their promises and place them in the Sacred Space.)

Pupil: As we receive ashes on our foreheads we remember that we are connected to others and we remember that we are connected to God.

We would now like to invite the teachers to receive ashes from Mr. Costello.

HYMN:  Song of Blessing

Distribution of ashes “Live like Jesus during Lent”

(Teachers receive ashes to distribute in their classrooms.)

Closing Prayer

Pupil: Let us pray.  God our Father, we thank you for sharing your love with us.  Help us to show it during Lent with our families, our friends and all those who help us in school.  We ask this through Christ our Lord Amen.

HYMN:  Song of Blessing