Br. John Steinmayer, May 2014

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Brother John Steinmayer is a Christian Brother from Dublin who lives in Mumbai, India. St. Evin's School has supported his school in India through our Mission funding for many years. On May 15th, 2014 Br. John visited our school to thank the children and their teachers for all their efforts. We had a lovely gathering in the school hall when the pupils from 1st-6th Class had an opportunity to meet Brother John and hear directly from him how our mission money can make such a difference to the lives of children in a poor part of the world.

Mr. Costello presented Brother John with a big cheque for 1,000 euro. This money will help children in India to get a good education. Well done to all the children in St. Evin’s school.


Assembly for Brother Steinmayer:      St. Evin’s School Monasterevin, May 15th, 2014.

Focal Point: Globe, Bible, Candle, Mission Box, Raffle Prizes, Photographs of children from Br. Steinmayer’s school in India .

Welcome and Introduction.     Opening Song: "Spirit Filled Day", Alive-O 8.

Leader: We gather today to celebrate all the good Missionary Work which is done by the pupils and teachers in our school. Every Friday the children bring in money and put it in the mission boxes in their classrooms. This money is given to children all over the world who are poor, sick, hungry, and homeless. Our money helps to make their lives better. Today we will give some money to Brother Steinmayer for the children in his school in India .

  Reader 1, (6th Class): This is the globe of the world. It represents the children everywhere who are helped  by the pupils of St. Evin’s school. Some of these children live in Africa, Asia and South America .

Reader 2, (6th Class):  This is the mission box. It represents the kindness of each child who brings in money for the missions on Fridays. Sometimes we give up something ourselves so that another child can have food to eat or a home to live in.

Reader 3, (3rd Class): These are raffle prizes. They show how lucky we are to live in Ireland and have nice things in our lives. We enjoy nice lunches, good homes and a lovely school. But some children do not have any nice things.

Reader 4, (3rd Class): These are photographs of some children in the school in India . They are happy and smiling. The money we give will help them to get a good education and have good lives.

Reader 5, (5th Class): This is our school candle. We will now light the candle to show that we can bring light into the world by helping other people.

Reader 6, (5th Class): We will now listen to a reading from the Holy Bible.

Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus says: “If anyone follows me they will not walk in darkness. They will have the light of life” This is the Gospel of the Lord.

Response: Praise to you Lord, Jesus Christ.

  Leader: We will now join together to say our Mission Prayer.






Leader: Missionary Children are special children. They have a special job to do. Their mission is to share the light of love and friendship with children of the world, especially the poor. Let us Pray.

The Response is: “Lord, help us to be friends.”

Leader: We pray for all the special children in God’s big family.

All: Lord, help us to be friends.

Leader: We pray for happiness for children everywhere.

All: Lord, help us to be friends.

Leader: We pray that children will share with each other.

All: Lord, help us to be friends.

Leader: We pray that children everywhere can live in peace.

All: Lord, help us to be friends.

Leader: Let us spread the light of Christ around the world by living up to our Mission Motto, “Children helping Children”.

We will now sing the song “Connected” from Alive-O 4, to show that the children in Monasterevin are now connected to the children in India in a special way.

Brother Stinmayer is invited to speak to the children about his school in India .

Leader: We will now make the presentation to Br. Steinmayer .

This is a cheque for €1,000. This will help children in India to get a good education.

Well done to all the children in St. Evin’s school.