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The Draughts Club runs over the Winter season in St. Evin's School, each year. Our school teams participate in the Community Games  and inter-schools competitions. This year Miss Fennelly and Miss Fullam have been teaching the girls how to play chess and teams have participated in inter-school chess leagues.  Thanks to both teachers for actively promoting this additional activity in our school.

Our school hosted a chess competition in November 2016. Our opponents were St. Patrick's Boys' School from Newbridge. On our team were Sophie , Tara , Eleanor  and Zuzanna.   Unfortunately we lost 3 out of 4 matches on the day but Eleanor managed to secure a draw in her match for the team. Eleanor was unlucky not to get the win, it went to a stalemate. Sophie's game lasted for 50 minutes, a very intense game where concentration was immense and again it was very close. All players did great. We had 29 players in total on the day. 7 made the trip over from Newbridge and 22 of our own girls participated  which was an amazing turnout! Overall the competition was a resounding success and we look forward to more opportunities to play chess competitively.