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Congratulations to all the girls in Sixth Class who celebrate their Confirmation on April 6th, 2019. The ceremony takes place in The Church of St. Peter and Paul, Monasterevin. The boys and girls are confirmed by Bishop Denis Nulty. It is a wonderful occasion for all the candidates and their families. Pupils from fifth class make a great contribution by singing in the choir. Well done to all involved in the preparation, planning and arrangements for a very memorable occasion. 

Prayer Service in School for the Confirmation Candidates.

Hymn:       Spirit Filled Day

Welcome:   We are here today to celebrate with the girls in 6th class before they make their Confirmation tomorrow. The girls in sixth class set an example for all of us here in our school. They work as helpers to the younger classes and are always supportive to all of us in the school. Today we want to show them how much we care about this as they prepare to make their Confirmation tomorrow. We ask God to bless each one of them in a special way. We promise them our prayers and our support. We pray that we will all grow together in the love of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Drama:      The Sacraments

Hymn:         Spirit Come Down

Reader 1:     The response is Come Holy Spirit

                Let us pray that these girls will always find the courage to live so

that they will be lights in the world leading the way for others.

Response: Come Holy Spirit

Reader 2:            Lord, help these girls to bring the light of the Holy Spirit into their

homes, school and community.

Response: Come Holy Spirit

Reader 3: God our Father bless these girls. Be with them all through their lives.

Bless their families, their sponsors and friends. Bless their teacher, Miss Killeen who has prepared them so well.

Response: Come Holy Spirit

Reader 4: As these girls look forward to their Confirmation Day, we ask you God our

Father, to send your Holy Spirit to them to be their helper and guide. We pray for these girls that the gift of your Spirit will come alive in their lives so that they will always live according to your word.

Response: Come Holy Spirit

Hymn:                 Tongues of Fire

Offertory Procession:

1)    A pupil brings a sixth class copy book to show all the preparation these girls have done for their Confirmation Day.

2)    A pupil brings an Alive O book to represent all the learning these girls have done in every lesson in preparation for their Confirmation.

3)    A pupil brings posters of the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit which will fill the girls on their Confirmation Day.   

4)   A pupil brings a dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.


1)     May the Lord bless and keep the girls in 6th class safe. Amen

2)    May he let his face shine upon them and be gracious to them. Amen

3)    May he look upon them with kindness and give them peace. Amen

4)   May this community be a community of living faith. We make our prayers through Christ, our Lord Amen

Prayer to the Holy Spirit:           Holy Spirit, I want to do what is right, help me.

            Holy Spirit, I want to live like Jesus, Guide me.

            Holy Spirit, I want to pray like Jesus, Teach me.

            May almighty God bless us, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


We will now present the 6th class girls with a card and we hope they

have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Hymn:       Be The Hands The Heart of God