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Our School Debating Team 2016 / 2017 achieved great success.

Katie , Ella , Ciara , Alison , Chloe  and Melodie all make up this year's school debate team. We also have a research team that consists of Laura , Shauna , Katie , Shalom  and Natasha. At the first debate  the three speakers were Ciara , Alison  and Melodie. The motion was "Children should exercise for an hour every day". Our girls were opposing this motion. It was a great debate with lots of interesting points made and quick exchanges. In the end, Scoil Eimhin Naofa managed to get over the line and win the debate.

The next debate was another controversial topic: "Children should be allowed to have a television in their bedroom". Ella joined the team this time as one of speakers. Chloe was chairperson. This time the Monasterevin girls were proposing the motion. This was a tricky debate to navigate as most of the children didn't agree with the motion but after some heated exchanges, the girls from Scoil Eimhin Naofa managed to secure another win for the school.

The following debate was a complicated one; "We can't stop Climate change". The Monasterevin girls opposed this motion and once again, were successful  in winning this round of the competition. 

The next debate took place in January 2017. The motion related to the "conservation of water". This topic required extensive research and class discussion which involved all the pupils in 5th and 6th classes. The efforts paid off and our team won the debate securing them them a place in the Quarter Final. The team are now busy preparing their speeches for the next topic about "charity donations".


School Debating Team 2015 / 2016: In their first debate our team successfully proposed the motion, "There should be an hour of exercise every day in school". Grainne, Faith and Hannah  discussed child obesity, various forms of exercise and ways in which exercise can be integrated into the school day. The debate was chaired by Molly. In the second round of the competition, our team opposed the motion, "Plastic bags should be banned". Grainne, Faith and Shannon made very valid points in favour of plastic bags. They argued successfully that plastic bags are very necessary, plastic bags are recyclable and the plastic bag industry is important. The debate was chaired by Una. In their third debate our team proposed the motion, "Children know how to use the internet safely". Grainne, Hannah and Molly confidently debated the issues around cyber-bullying, cyber-crime and child-safety online. Unfortunately the motion didn't carry despite an excellent display of debating skills from our team who represented our school so well throughout the competition. We are proud of the girls who participated so gallantly at every stage. Congratulations also to teachers, Miss Killeen and Miss Fullam who trained the team.

In 2014 /2015 our School Debating Team  won the Kildare Schools Debating Festival.  

The final took place in Kildare County Council Chambers in Naas on Friday, April 24th, 2014. Mayor of Kildare, Fiona O' Loughlin, congratulated the children and complimented them on the very high standard of debating that was displayed by both teams in the final.  The adjudicators reported that they had a most difficult task in separating the teams as they debated the motion, "We Can’t End Poverty."  St Evin's School emerged as the winners. The girls of Saint Evin's were a credit to their teachers and parents and were deserving winners on the day. Beautiful presentation trophies were presented to the winners and runners up.

 The first debate was held in February 2015. The motion of the debate was: "Children of school-going age should have mobile phones". Our team opposed the motion and argued that children should not have mobile phones. These are some of the convincing points the girls made:

  1. Mobile phones are too expensive. The money could be used for something more beneficial.
  2. Mobile phones don't keep children safe. Kidnapping statistics have gone up, not down, since mobile phones were introduced.
  3. If you have a mobile phone you could be cyber-bullied. This means bullied online.
  4. Children can become targets for theft if they brandish their phones in public places.

The team participated in their second debate on February25th. The girls were successful in winning their side of the motion concerning "Water Charges".

The Semi-Final of the Debating Competition was held in March 2015 in the chambers of Kildare County Council in Naas. Once again our girls performed gallantly at this prestigious venue where they opposed the motion that, "Newspapers are a Thing of the Past". These are some of the points that our girls made on the way to victory:

  1. People enjoy the tradition and social activity of going to the local newsagent to purchase the daily paper.

  2. Newspapers are versatile; they can be recycled, they can be used for papier-maché artwork and they can be used in English lessons on Report Writing.

  3. When reading news online the comments can be very influential.

  4. Screens give off radiation which can cause brain tumours.

  5. "Slow News" has been investigated more thoroughly than the instant news often reported online.