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On  the last day of school, all the teachers and pupils gathered together in the school hall to celebrate and commemorate the end of another successful school year in St. Evin's School. Third Class pupils and Senior Infant pupils presented a ceremony that highlighted all the events and achievements of the school year and acknowledged all the great work and activities that make our school a wonderful centre of learning and social development.

Celebration of our School Year

Opening hymn: This is the Day

Children process in with symbols of our school year to the opening hymn.

Narrator:  A pupil brings a candle. The candle represents Jesus the light of the world. As we prepare for our summer holidays we are reminded that we are asked to be the light of Christ for others wherever we are.

Narrator: A pupil brings a tin whistle today. We really enjoy our weekly music lessons and are very proud that we can play an instrument.

Narrator: A pupil brings a football, a pupil brings a sliotar, a pupil brings a basketball and a pupil brings a draughts board. These symbols represent our extra curricular activities.

Narrator:  A pupil brings a Maths book. This represents all the hard work we do at school.

Narrator: A pupil brings a novel from the school library. This represents our love of reading.

Narrator: Two pupils bring their art work. This represents the enjoyment we get from doing art together in school.

Narrator: A pupil brings a Bible. The Bible is the word of God. When we listen to the word of God we learn to live as followers of Christ.

Narrator: Two pupils bring our newest green flag. This represents how hard we work as a school to care for our environment.

Narrator: A pupil brings a laptop. This represents our interest in technology.

Narrator: A pupil brings beautiful flowers. These represent the beautiful grounds our school is situated on.

Narrator: A pupil brings a mission box. We chose to bring this today to show how we like to help others.

Opening prayer:

God our Father, our life is blessed with many good gifts. Make us truly thankful for the gifts of our own personalities, for the gift of people who guide us and help us to grow, especially the teachers in our school.

May we be your presence in the world in how we relate to others and in all that we say and do. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.

All: Amen

Song: Connected

  Acrostic poem: SCOIL EIMHIN NAOFA

Timeline: Timeline of our year through Slideshow.

Prayer: God, our Father, we ask you to bless the 6th class girls and senior infant boys as they leave our school. May they always value the gift of friendship and be sensitive to the needs of others.

Song: Go Now in Peace

Song: Zipp-a-dee-doo-da.