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 Breaking News: Winners of the GREEN CODE competition:

1st Place: Katie, 6th Class

2nd Place: Róisín, 6th Class

3rd Place: Shannen, 4th Class

Keep up the walking on "Feet First Friday": 107 children walked to school this week.

"Park and Stride" takes place every Wednesday: 106 children took part in park and stride this week.

3rd class and 5th class are completing a 5 week water saving in the home programme.

Dear Parents, Please log on to the greenhome website and complete the "Post green home survey". 

Green School Home Tips:

Remember to turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth to save water.

Buy loose fruit and vegetables without packaging and you will have less paper to recycle.

Recycle your Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

Change to energy- saving light bulbs to save money on your electricity bills.

Only put on your dishwasher when it is full to save money on your electricity bill.


Our Green School Code