Healthy Lunch Policy

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1.   Eating times.

      Pupils have two opportunities to eat during the school day.

2.   Suitable food and drinks.

      Healthy lunches can include any of the following:


      Bread                                              Fillings

      Wholemeal / White  Bread          Chicken

      Brown / White Soda Bread          Ham

      Brown / White  Bread Rolls          Turkey

      French Stick                                   Corned Beef

      Pitta Bread                                      Egg and Onion

      Scones                                            Grated Cheese

      Crackers                                         Tuna/sardines/salmon

      Crispbread / Rice cakes

      Fruit ands Veg                              Drink

      Mandarin                                        Milk

      Apple                                               Water

      Banana                                           Yoghurt

      Strawberry                                      Homemade Soup

      Kiwi                                                  Unsweetened Fruit Juice

      Pear                                                 Sugar free Squashes

      Grapes etc

      Salad veg e.g. lettuce,

      tomato, cucumber

      Vegetable sticks

Foods not Recommended

     Fizzy drinks.

     Bars including cereal bars.

     Sweets, chocolate, chocolate spreads.

     Biscuits, cakes.

     Crisps, Chipsticks etc.

     Chewing gum.

     Popcorn (not because its not healthy, but because it is messy and hard to manage).

     Fruit Winders.

     Peanut butter and nuts (due to possible allergy risk).

Source: Health Promotion Department S.W.A.H.B.


3. Food Hygiene and Safety

     Every pupil in the school should have a lunch box with his/her name on it

        No glass bottles or cans are allowed.

     Noodles are not permitted as the use of boiling water is considered a hazard.


4. Waste disposal/recycling

     Bins will be provided for fruit waste, which will be composted.

     Food wrappings and uneaten food will be returned to the lunch box for children to take home.

     Drinks should be put in small screw cap bottles these bottles can be taken home in lunch box and re-used.

     If drink cartons and straws are used, they must be brought home by the

      children, as they cannot be recycled in school.