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During January and February 2015 the teachers and pupils generously donated items which were transported to a hospital in Uganda. A large container left Ireland at Easter and we have sent 4 large boxes full of clothes, underwear, wool, knitting needles, toys, books and colours which will be appreciated by the sick children who are undergoing operations. They have been directed to Sr. Helen Delaney, Medical Missionary of Mary, who has visited our school on many occasions. We have already paid for many operations for sick children over a number of years, from our School Mission Fund. Sr. Helen Delaney came to visit our school on October 3rd, 2013. She met with our 5th. and 6th. class pupils and took the opportunity to extend her thanks for all our donations.

Sr. Helen works with the Medical Missionaries of Mary in Uganda. They bring health care to people who live in places of great need. We have made many donations from our school mission fund to Sr. Helen and she has visited our school on three occasions to thank us for the money and to tell us all about her work. In June 2013 we sent her 500 from our yearly collection. In June 2014 we sent her another 500.

She recently sent us a photo of this boy, Kateregga. The money we sent to Sr. Helen paid for his foot operation. 

"When I saw Kateregga first he was lying outside on a mat and couldn't go to the toilet unless someone carried him. He is 12 years old, couldn't sit, stand, walk or feed himself. I wasn't sure if he was too old for surgery so I rang the hospital and they said I could bring him in. Now he can wear clothes and go to the toilet himself. He has to be put in callipers and special shoes so he can do his walking exercises. He is so happy and the children in Scoil Eimhín Naofa can take credit for what neighbours of Kateregga say is a miracle. So children, you are just great that you have given so much independence and joy to Kateregga and his mother and the other orphans living with him. I'm very proud of you all, you are doing so much for children your ages here. God bless you all and your teachers, Love and Prayers, Sr. Helen".