New Schools Campus Update

by PTAadmin on February 23, 2017

Following recent correspondence with the Minister for Education and Skills we have some further progress to report on the new schools project. Referring to the original schedule we are at the milestone “Letter of intent to apparently successful contractor”. KWETB, through their external consultants, have completed the evaluation of the tenders and proposed a contractor in their report to the department. In his recent letter the Minister confirms receipt of the this report and that a “comprehensive examination of the Report” has been completed. The letter further explains that the next steps are:

1.   Financial Robustness element
“The Financial Robustness piece relates to an assessment of the financial strength of a preferred bidder to carry out the project.”
The second letter from the Minister confirms that the Financial Robustness step has been completed

2.   Cost Benefit Analysis
“to update the Cost Benefit Analysis Report with the tender figures for the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform”
The Minster explains that this step has to be completed by KWETB. We checked with school who confirm that the required data has been submitted to the external consultants and the report is in progress. The principals will follow up with KWETB and ensure there is no delay on this step.

Once these two steps are successful the department can issue the Letter of intent.

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