About Us

St Cocas Athletic Club, based in the Bawnogue in Kilcock, is not so much an athletic club but a community club. Formed in Kilcock almost 30 years ago, then known as Kilcock and Newtown AC. Athletics was booming in the country at the time and the club went from strength to strength. A very dedicated committee set out to build an all weather running surface and with enormous fundraising efforts, built a top class 8 lane running track.

As the celtic tiger started to roar in the late 80’s and 90’s the club fell into decline with only a handful of members. In 1996, a number of ex-members and interested newcomers to the town set about reviving the club.

In 2000, just about the time the BLE and NACAI amalgamated, the club changed its name to St Coca’s AC ( a local parish Saint) to reflect the changing times in Kilcock and the stream of new members from all over the North Kildare area.

The club now caters for well over 150 members and has been developing consistently over the past number of years. Membership of the club falls into many catagories. Starting with our “Little Athletics” programme aimed at younger children from 6 years, this is the first formal introduction to exercise, running, jumping and throwing.

At the next level we have athletes from 9 years to 15 years who use the training time as a meeting point for developing new friendships while training. Then we have our older teenagers who are training up to 6 times a week.

And finally our other members are mostly parents who use the club as an opportunity to maintain fitness while offering good example to their offspring. Membership extends to outlying areas also, with members travelling from Maynooth, Clane, Staplestown and Donadea areas as well as all areas of the parish of Kilcock.

Club Policies and Code of Conduct

Club Rules Regarding Behaviour

  1. No person will bully or continually harass, either physically or verebally, another person.
  2. Continuous disruption or non-compliance with the directions of the coaches will not be accepted.
  3. Physical assault or the threat of physical assault will not be accepted and may lead to immediate dismissal.
  4. No person shall discriminate agaisnt another person for any reason.
  5. No person shall take or interfere with another person’s property or that of the club.
  6. Athletes are not allowed to leave the track at any time during training, without the express permisison of the coaches.

Sanctions for breach Club Rules

All breaches of the club rules will be dealt with on a graduated scale listed hereunder

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Suspension
  • Dismissal

Decisions on sanctions will be made by the Club Committe and will be final.  The sanction imposed may not follow the scale listed above if the committee decide that a more severe sanction is merited.

Code of Ethics and Good Conduct in Sport

The Irish Sports Council and the Sports Council for Northern Ireland published a joint Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport in 2000. This major joint publication recognised the commitment of both Councils to ensure that young people are safeguarded in their participation in sport in the island of Ireland.  This document includes guidelines, forms and information which guide us in our work with u-18 athlestes within the IAAA and other sports organisations.


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