Cinema: Infinitely Polar Bear

Ages: 16+

Cinema: Infinitely Polar Bear

Riverbank Arts CentreNewbridge

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  • Wed 18 Jan  2017

  • Cost: 8.00

  • Venue Details
    Riverbank Arts Centre

    Main St.

  • 045 448330

Boston in the late ‘70s; Cameron (Mark Ruffalo) is struggling with bipolar disorder; the future appears uncertain for his wife Maggie (Zoe Saldana) and their two daughters when a particularly difficult period sees him both fired from his job and hospitalised. 

When she is awarded a business scholarship to attend Columbia University, Maggie convinces her reluctant husband – convalescing at home on lithium treatment - to look after the girls for the eighteen months she’ll be in New York, a less than ideal arrangement given his frequent manic behaviour and booze-soaked depressions. 

For her debut feature writer/director Maya Forbes draws on personal experience of being raised by a bipolar father; by turns poignant and humorous, Infinitely Polar Bear is a refreshingly positive depiction of living with mental illness. 

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