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Helping your community in a time of Covid

Kildare County Council is aware that there are many groups and individuals around the county who would like to contribute to their local community, especially since Covid. An increase in walking and cycling since the first lockdown has made many people aware of both the litter that may be seen along the roadside, but also the wildlife that exists in the hedgerows and roadside margins. People may also notice built heritage features such as old gates, water pumps etc. As a response to this we have revised our Green Kilometre scheme. With over 2,500 kilometres of roads in the county, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Adopt A Kilometre

So, we are asking groups and individuals to choose approximately one kilometre of rural road in their area- preferably a quiet, local road in terms of safety. The group or individual would then work on the chosen kilometre over the course of the year. If working as a group, social distancing and the relevant Covid precautions should be taken. This is actually a strength of this scheme, it allows people to work collectively without necessarily needing to be close to one another. The scheme is just a means of encouraging participation in looking after a local area.

All participants are offered some native trees and shrubs. If the participant wants these, they can be planted back into the hedgerow, with the landowners’ permission. By removing litter and helping native hedgerows you are playing an important part in helping the environment. The planting even helps to mitigate against climate change. Equally importantly, it is an opportunity for you and your community to work together on a project that benefits everybody. The form is available HERE