Flood Risk Management

The Flood Risk Management Department are responsible for the delivery of flood relief schemes identified in the OPW Flood Risk Management Plans. Details of the plans are available at: www.floodinfo.ie 

This OPW website also contains flood risk mapping. 

Current scheme websites:


I am a landowner.  Where can I find information on my rights and responsibilites?

The Office of Public Works (OPW) have published a guidance document aimed at owners of land or property which is located on the banks of a watercourse - both natural and artificial. Such landowners are commonly termed riparian owners. Landowners need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to watercourses and this online leaflet provides some practical advice and assistance for the management of watercourses.  More informaiton from the Office of Public Works on their dedicated Flooding website: https://flooding.ie/

This OPW guidance document "Living near Watercourses, A guide to the Rights and Responsiblities of Landowners (January 2020)" is also available to download from our Publications section http://kildare.ie/countycouncil/YourCouncil/Publications/Environment/ 

The Hazelhatch area has experienced many significant flood events in recent decades. Initial high level studies of flooding in the Celbridge & Hazelhatch area, carried out by the OPW as part of their Eastern Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study did not replicate the scale or frequency of the flooding that occurs in Hazelhatch. As a result, the OPW’s CFRAM Study Flood Risk Management Plan (FRMP) recommended that further study of the hydrology and hydraulics in the Hazelhatch area be carried out. This study would identify the flooding mechanisms within the Hazelhatch catchment. The OPW FRMPs were adopted by Kildare County Council in 2018.


In 2019, Kildare County Council appointed RPS to undertake this study, with technical support provided by the Office of Public Works (OPW). The resulting hydrological and hydraulic analysis and accompanying flood extent mapping and depths can be found here.


This mapping will be used to update the OPW website: www.floodinfo.ie

Kildare County Council and the OPW are satisfied that the study is robust and delivers an accurate representation of the flood risk in Hazelhatch and its environs. The hydraulic model has been tested for sensitivity and calibrated with real life events. Over the course of the study, information submitted by members of the public was considered and any issues raised have been addressed in the report.