Housing Adaptation Grants

There are 3 types of Grants available to assist older persons or persons with a disability in carrying out necessary alterations to their house:-

There is one single application form to apply for all grant schemes.

Housing Adaptation Grant for people with a disability

This scheme assists people with a disability to have necessary adaptations, repairs or improvement works carried out in order to make their accommodation more suitable for their needs.

Mobility Aids Grant

This scheme provides grants to cover a basic suite of works to address the mobility problems of a member of a household. Qualifying works include the provision of stair lifts, level access showers, access ramps, grab rails and some minor adaptation works.

Housing Aid for Older People Grant

This scheme assists older people living in poor housing conditions to have necessary repairs or improvements carried out. Grant eligible works include structural repairs or improvements, re-wiring, repairs to or replacement of windows and doors, provision of water supply and sanitary facilities, and provision of heating.

Application form


English:   https://www.kildare.ie/CountyCouncil/Forms/Housing/Application%20Form%20%20Housing%20Adaptation%20Grants%20for%20Older%20People%20and%20People%20with%20a%20Disability%202021.pdf   

Irish:  https://www.kildare.ie/CountyCouncil/Forms/Housing/FoirmIarrataisDeontas.pdf    


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