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045 980 845

Forward Planning

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Unauthorised Development

045 980 845

Development Contributions

045 980 843

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Planning Application Form 2020

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Submissions / Observations

Any person or body, on payment of the prescribed fee, and within the relevant time period, may make a submission/observation, in writing, to a Planning Authority in relation to a planning application.
Any submission/observation made to the Planning Authority on a planning application is made available for public inspection both in the hard copy file and on the Council’s website (
Persons making a submission/observation on a planning application should be aware that comments involving allegations of any kind against a named or otherwise identifiable person or organisation
may be viewed as defamatory by the subject of the comments.
Persons may be sued directly for any defamatory allegations in any submission/observation and should avoid making such allegations.
In the event of any potentially defamatory allegation giving rise to legal action against it, the Planning Authority may seek indemnity from the person making the allegation.


Site Notice

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What newspapers are approved?

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This wording should be used in your newspaper notice.

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Schedule of Fees

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Rural Housing application form

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Development Contributions - Note to Intending Applicants

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Building Control Regulations 2014 FAQs

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Building Control Regulations 2014 Code of Practice

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Landscaping Guielines from Kildare County Development Plan 17 - 23

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Certificate of Exemption under Section 97

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