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Veterinary Services

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Veterinary Services

Control of Horses
Stray Horses can be seized by Kildare County Council under the Control of Horses Act 1996 and associated byelaws adopted by the Council
Some of the reasons for seizure are as follows:
  1. If horses are found wandering on public land.
  2. If horses are on private land without permission from the landowner.
  3. If horses cause danger to property or persons.
  4. If horses cause a nuisance.
  5. If horses are stabled in a front or rear garden.
  6. Unlicensed horses.
  7. In Athy and Newbridge, where horses are kept on lands within the specific 'exclusion area' and owners are not considered 'exempted person's under the 'Kildare County Council (Athy) Control of Horses Byelaws 2016' and the 'Kildare County Council (Newbridge) Control of Horses Byelaws 2016'.
A horse includes donkey, mule and hinny.

To make a complaint or report stray horses:
Call into to Kildare County Council's Aras Chill Dara Offices (Veterinary Services/ Environment Sections) or contact the office by phoning (045) 980200.
You may also e-mail customercare@kildarecoco.ie
For after hours emergencies only, please contact your local Garda Station. Contact details are available at: http://www.garda.ie/Stations/Default.aspx
The national control of horses leglislation can be found here .

Byelaws in force with County Kildare
1. The County Council of County Kildare (Control of Horses) (No. 1) Byelaws 2000
2. Kildare County Council (Athy) Control of Horses Byelaws 2016

Kildare County Council (Athy) Control of Horses Byelaws 2016

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List of currently impounded horses

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