Corona Virus Information

COVID 19 Press Statement for Rate Payers

Kildare County Council will be dealing with difficulties experienced by Rate Payers, on a case by case basis, as the impact of the crisis on customers is not and will not be uniform and will undoubtedly change at various stages of the crisis. It would also be very difficult to make any decision at this point without knowing the extent of the crisis or the actual impact it will have with various government schemes etc being implemented and evolving. We are awaiting a Government announcement on this issue and will adhere to it.


Therefore for the moment we will not be making any decision on suspending or reducing any monies due to the council.  However, neither will the Council be moving to enforce any payment of monies due to the council and we will review the entire situation once the emergency is over.

Ends                                                                                                  20 March 2020

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