Moon Abbey and Castle

Groses's Antiquities of Ireland

THESE are near Timolin. Here is a large church, said to have been a monastery of Conventual Franciscans, an old Cross and some Irish inscriptions. And near, is a large Danish Rath, where a counsellor Ash was interred by his own desire: it was railed round and planted with trees.

THE castle is on the banks of the river Griss, which runs through a vale in front. The Church is in ruins, but the walls are still standing, it is filled with rubbish, and shrubs and weeds growing through it. The church stands higher than the castle on the top of a hill. On a grave-stone are the names of O'Brien and More Cullou, who deceased A. D. 1635 and A. D. 1635 Patrick Brien.

THE remains of the castle consist of one square tower; close to it is the lodge of Mr. Leate; whose property these ruins are: his demesne is well wooded, his improvements handsome, and the whole form a good picturesque view.

Moon Abbey and Castle

(p. 26, Vol. II)

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