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Historic Houses of County Kildare

Millicent House, situated in Clane, was the residence of Richard Griffith after he retired from trading in the East Indies in 1786.

Millicent House

Millicent House

He was commander of the Sallins Yeoman Cavalry in 1798, but after giving evidence against his neighbour Dr. Esmonde of Oberstown, Millicent House was attacked and plundered by rebels. His son was Sir Richard Griffith, a renowned geologist and civil engineer. He is especially famous for his Geological Map of Ireland and his Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland, more commonly known as Griffith’s Valuation.

The house itself is of the Georgian style and is two storeys high. In the mid-nineteenth century it was owned by the Cooke-Trench family. Restoration work was carried out by its present owner, Mr. C. Gordon.

*(note: unsure if the information regarding the present owner is correct or if the house is open to the public)

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